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Online Fitness Consultation Platforms: The Future of Fitness Industry

By Zeba Yasmeen 13th January 2022

The fitness industry is quite large at $96 billion. However, it’s a saturated market with gyms opening up everywhere leaving no room for innovation. As a fitness trainer, the prospects for growth within a gym are limited as you have no clients of your own. A fitness trainer spends much of their time individually catering to their clients, but gyms often take a large cut of their pay. This is why fitness trainers prefer to contract with clients themselves without an intermediary like a gym.

online fitness consultation

How do fitness consultation platforms help fitness trainers and clients?

The fitness industry has seen development in the last few years with new AI-powered diet and workout planning software helping trainers and their clients get the best results. 

However, the way fitness training is delivered has been the same for the most part. Clients go to gyms and hire a personal trainer through the gym. This is a contributing factor to why hiring a personal trainer can be an expensive affair. A lot of people skip hiring a personal trainer simply because it’s too expensive.

All that can change with an online fitness software. Fitness trainers can offer their services to clients at much better rates. A fitness platform allows clients to pick the best trainer for their requirements. By enabling clients to choose which trainer they’d like to hire based on their credentials, they can make informed decisions. Fitness trainers are matched with clients who are looking for a particular profile.

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Comparing online fitness apps to gyms

By giving fitness trainers greater visibility than a gym, online fitness apps allow you to scale up easier. The pandemic has changed the way we work out, with a lot of people being unable to go to the gym. People tend to prefer home fitness solutions and an online fitness consultation software addresses all those needs. Online fitness grew significantly between Q1 and Q2 of 2020 with a 46% rise in downloads of home fitness apps, globally.

Fitness trainers can offer doorstep in-person training sessions or train their clients remotely through live video conferencing solutions. While the pandemic has hindered people’s workout routines, the demand for the fitness services industry has only increased.

Gyms are rather restrictive in what they offer and can often have non-flexible plans that might include services the client doesn’t even need. 

On an online platform, clients can pay only for the services they use. A trainer can list the services they offer online along with the price they charge hourly. Clients can then choose only the services they’d like and pay for them. 

The online fitness consultation app essentially does away with the steep fees gyms charge and puts clients in touch with trainers directly.

Scaling up using online fitness platforms

online fitness consultation

If you’re looking to scale up as a trainer, an online fitness consultation platform is probably your best bet. 

While more establishments are switching to a completely remote workforce, the idea of fitness going virtual is not far-fetched. The switch to digital fitness was inevitable, but the pandemic has catalyzed this. Large gym chains are noticing the rise in demand for remote fitness solutions and interested in entering the space. A fitness trainer can make the most of the situation and be an early adopter of the technology that makes it easy to find clients.

Clients would be very happy to find a platform that puts them in touch with trainers that suit their requirements. Being able to pay just the right amount without being overcharged for it will draw a lot of new demand to space. The global market size of the online fitness industry was $6 billion in 2019 and is projected to grow to as much as $59 billion by 2027.

How can Panther help you?

Clients are getting used to online training sessions and the online fitness industry is largely unsaturated for now. By building an online fitness software early on, you can enjoy the first-mover advantage. 

You might think it’s too complicated or not have the technical know-how to build your online platform. What if we told you that you could build your own fitness app without any coding necessary?

With Panther, you can build your online fitness software with prior technical knowledge. Sign up with us to see how you can launch your online fitness platform in less than a day!    

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