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On demand touching lives at the Olympics

By jwork 5th August 2016

It’s the time when 5 intertwined rings will be flashing all over the newspapers, televisions and the most visited platform of them all-our beloved internet.


It’s been four years since the last Olympic Games in 2012, London. Much has changed since in the field of On-demand businesses that continue to transform everyday life at a rapid pace. Travelling is easier and hassle free, thanks to Uber and other ride hailing services. Staying the way locals do is now possible and doesn’t involve researching days on end about foreign lands while hyperventilating about safety, thanks to Air BnB and the like for making it convenient and pocket friendly. Looking to try local cuisines, the best ones Rio can offer, on-demand services like Zomato have you covered yet again.


Today at 4:30 AM the opening ceremony will be a testament to what years of hard work and dedication towards sport brings. Rio will be at it’s vibrant best with the festivities kick-starting and people gathering from far and wide to bear witness to the Olympic Games of 2016.

Olympic sports will harness many innovations to enhance the performance of competitors and make the spectator experience more exciting than ever before. Microsoft Azure has been chosen to provide streaming service for NBCUniversal and NBCOlympics.com’s record 4,500 hours of online content, making it easier for viewers to find relevant content and recommendations on any device. NBC Olympics is making it easy for viewers to access news, highlights and programming wherever they are via the NBC Sports app available free on Android, iOS, Roku, Amazon, Windows 10 tablets, Xbox, Windows Phone, PC and Mac.

With the Olympic fervor at it’s peak, it’s easy to miss out on how much the on-demand space has been and will be adding value to the visitors of Rio in the coming days, helping make the experience of the Olympic Games much more enjoyable, freeing up time that would have been spent worrying or arranging for necessities rather than enjoying the palpable excitement in the air. With Rio hosting the Olympic Games of 2016, Brazil has been gearing up for all the visitors and the on demand businesses have been doing the same to make the most of the opportune moment to provide much needed services to those in need of assistance.

And now without further ado, let the games begin.

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