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Successfully automating
customer interactions


Deep learning and natural language technology (NLP & NLU), combined with automatic semantic understanding, to accurately understand what your customers need.


With a unique multi-level hierarchy that can process several thousand customer intents at the same time, give yourself the necessary scalability to succeed now and in the future.


Software that is user friendly and compatible with all direct messaging channels, including voice. Privacy features developed for the Nordic market, one of the strictest in the world.

Automate Your

Smart, cognitive chatbot platform provide a quick interface to resolve all customer queries in real-time. As it gets accustomed to customer’s questions, it can gradually increase its capacity to answer more complex queries.

Appointments In Minute

A customized HippoBot can schedule appointments with customer when they are strapped for time. The reliable, simplicity and convenience of typing in your appointment request to get a confirmation within a seconds.

Increase your
Sales Conversions

HippoBot will support the lead nurturing process with gamified conversations, offers and additional information until customers are driven to share their information willingly. The leads will be shared in real time with your team.

Chat Support

It is hard to guarantee live chat support to your visitors with a support executive round to clock. But here, a live chatbot beat untimely human interaction by offering support 24 hours a day for 365 days a year prioritizing customer services over everything.

Grow your business with AI
support HippoBot

Using multiple engagement tools to enhance your business? this is often the merchandise you’ve been expecting.

Bring your vision to life with only one customizable chatbot for any side of your organization.

Let your creative juices flow quicker and unlock more uses of HippoBot!!

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Drive Customer Engagament and Increase Sales

With HippoBot, Find A One Stop Solution Across Hosts

  • Ecommerce
  • Marketplace
  • On-Demand Services
  • Business Websites

HippoBot for Ecommerce

Resolve Customer Queries while Increasing Satisfaction and Order Value

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HippoBot for Marketplace

Provide A Private Platform For Sellers and Buyers To Connect

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HippoBot for on demand services

Enhance Customer Service For Uber Like Business and Revists

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HippoBot for Business Websites

Use Features Like Chatbots For Automating Standard Queries

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Provide End-To-End Solution for Sales and Support Woes

Boost Your Website Performace With HippoBot Chat Support

Customer Engagement

Engage Customers
Across Channels

Lead Generation

Convert Visitors
As They Come

After Sales Service

Increase Up-Sell and
Cross-Sell opportunities

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