Asked Questions

Geo-Analytics is analysis, visualisations, and advanced modelling to data which has geographical or spatial aspect to derive business benefits. Using geo-analytics, location based statistics are evaluated that depict user behavior as well as market trends in specific geo-location; enabling your business to take smart decisions.
Geo-Analytics can be used in wide areas from Marketing to Operations and even Strategic Pllannic. With Geo-Analytics you get to recognize areas where your business needs to focus more. With demographic trends, you get to understand the market better; thus leading you to convert more and better. For example you can plan promotions and execute dynamic pricing using geo-analytics. Similarly you can plan your daily operations better by managing supply demand in micro geographies.
Geo-fence is a virtual boundary that defines a particular region on map to depict a real-life geographic region. Using a circle, rectangle or polygon you can simply define an area. You can define as much areas as you want using geo-fencing.
A zone is collection of one or more geo-fenced areas. With zones, you can easily perform actions that are common to multiple areas.
No, you get to create as many zones, geo-fences or actions you want to.
Depending upon your business domain and its current stage, we recommend an appropriate budget for you. It can start with as low as $5,000 and can go beyond $10,000 as well.
We accept all credit cards for payments.
There is no constraint on geographical areas that can be targeted. Get analytics of every area wherever you offer services.
If you know how to use a computer, you are good to go.
By default, latitude and longitude coordinates are generated when you enter any geo-location. You can input latitude and longitude directly for better search and it is definitely better than typing in the geographical names.
Next Juggernaut lets you export maps in form of PPT, PDF, keynote files etc.
Using auto-allocation and geo-fencing, you can automate your process of assigning tasks/orders to your fleet.
You can integrate all kinds of platforms until and unless, they provide an open API for integration. Major integrations that are supported are Google Analytics, Twilio, Shopify, Woocommerce, etc.
Yes, you can access all your historical data post migrating to our software.
Next Juggernaut provides you with daily aggregation of data. From your dashboard you can know every detail on real-time basis.
Depending upon the customization model that you have purchased, you can access geo-analytics data on your mobile devices.
As long as the 3rd party service is integrated in the system, there is no issue in extracting analysis to the other 3rd party service.
For clients and businesses that have multiple apps running, you can manage all of them under one account. Management console for every app is created and you can switch among all those depending upon your requirement.