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Importance of Mental Health Consultation During COVID-19

By Zeba Yasmeen 25th June 2021

According to a study, about 41% of the surveyed reported going through anxiety or a depressive bout in January 2021, against just 11% in 2019. This jump in number is mostly credited to the pandemic as many suffered job loss, isolation, and the general disconnect from normal life. 

The stigma around mental health hinders many people from reaching out for help, let alone visit a professional for a session. Moreover, some people are just too anxious to open up and talk about their problems in new surroundings. 

Digitalization is not just a trend that helps people take their work online, but it can also provide a safe space for people seeking mental help. Online mental health consultation can go a long in catering to people who are looking for support from the comfort of their homes.

Understanding the implication of COVID-19 on mental health

Everyone feared novel coronavirus for the physical threat it imposed on the world. But have we considered the riot it caused to the mental health of millions of people? 

Imposed nationwide lockdowns, inconsistent job availability, fear for life, and the melancholy around have had an impact much greater than we know. The widespread social unrest has caused anxiety, depression, and emotional detachment among the masses. Instead of seeking help, some even resort to unhealthy coping mechanisms like substance and alcohol abuse.

We have talked about the influence COVID-19 had on the general public, but people who recovered from the disease have reported developing mental illnesses too. A research letter showed that nearly one-third of the 381 surveyed COVID-19 patients showed symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), while 17.3% developed depression. These issues arise from the mental and physical exhaustion they faced while suffering from the disease. 

Needless to say, the pandemic had a crippling effect on everyone’s emotional wellbeing. This, in turn, has prompted the need and demand for the availability of professional mental help.

Why are mental health consultations the need of the hour during the pandemic

mental health consultation

Understanding and dealing with COVID-19 related trauma is essential right now. Not everyone can find and reach out to the right health professionals who can help them navigate mental health. This is why online consultations should become the norm. Let’s find out why –

Accessible to the isolated

Online therapy can go a long way in providing help to those who find accessing the right therapists and psychiatrists difficult. Teletherapy or digital psychiatry consultations can prove to be a boon for people with physical disabilities as well. Online mental health consultation can help one be psychologically stronger and resilient by implementing the correct tools and strategies.

Cost-saving and consistent

Think about it like this – you have an appointment with your therapist 15 miles away and you need to commute through a heavy-traffic route in the middle of the day. Sounds tiresome, doesn’t it? Similarly, people are more likely to miss appointments when they need to go through a bunch of hurdles to get there. 

Online consultations do away with this problem. It makes up for the lack of motivation and other hindrances one might go through before an appointment – they can now just consult with a doctor on their phones!

Affordable way to overcome COVID-19 trauma

Poor mental health owing to the pandemic is becoming a phenomenon now. With so many people struggling to cope, mental health professionals are now better equipped to help with targeted treatment. They have devised ways and treatments that can aid people specifically suffering due to COVID-19. Moreover, online consultations are just a cheaper way to a thriving mental strength.

Start your consultation space to make the world a happier place

Spreading awareness and breaking the stigma associated with mental health is more important now than ever. With the right expertise, an online mental health practice can be a great tool to help patients cope with these trying times.

mental health consultation

Be a savior – Choose Panther

Panther is your all-in-one consultation space builder. As a top solution for medical consultancies, Panther comes with a feature-rich suite that can get your online therapy or psychiatry platform up and running in no time!

In conclusion, let’s make sound mental health a norm

Intangible and easily overlooked, poor mental health is now a raging pandemic of its own. With Panther, you can offer a safe pedestal for the sufferers to talk about the unvoiced issues. Find out how Panther can work up a mental health consultation space for you in minutes by visiting our page.

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