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How to Turn Your Hobby into a Profitable Business Venture with these Side Hustles

By Tarannum Aggarwal 26th August 2020

The world is currently going through very troubled times, the global pandemic causing a shockwave across countries, millions of people losing their jobs, everyone having their boats rocked and feeling out of balance. This is the perfect time to let your hobbies turn into business ventures and let Jungleworks help you create various channels of income without much hassle. Here are some of the businesses you could start to help increase your revenue with some of the products offered:  


Everyone, especially people who live away from home or do not have cooking facilities, are always looking for good, healthy food places to eat from. If you are someone who is interested in cooking and are looking to make some money from your interest;  JungleWorks Yelo can help you with that! 

With Yelo, you can now create your online marketplace, personalize to your needs and taste, and launch your very own app promoting your homely meals. You worry about the menu and the yummy food, let Yelo take care of everything else! To know more, read about what Yelo offers here

business venture


Right now is the time to provide rental services as the rental marketplace is growing strength to strength. The general public is slowly transitioning from owning unnecessary assets to just renting them – a prime example of that would be renting out your car to people who need to borrow it for a couple of hours. 

Especially during a time like this when your car is probably collecting dust sitting in the garage, it’s the right time and opportunity to partner with Jungleworks’ Tiger software and create an online marketplace to rent out your car and generate some revenue. All you have to worry about is getting your car in order and Tiger will take care of everything from setting up the best and most personalized profile for you to building your customer base without any hassle. To learn more about what Tiger can do for you, you can read it here.  

Business Venture


If you are a freelancer from any professional field and are looking to help other freelancers widen their client base and reach out to a bigger network of businesses, then Husky is the right partner for you

With Husky, you can build a customized marketplace where freelancers and businesses can interact with each other and collaborate on projects and contracts. This would be of great help during these testing times not only for you but also for people who are looking to make a quick buck! To learn more about how Husky can help you, read about it here

Business Venture


With most of the world staying at home during the lockdown, people are finding that they have a lot of time to kill and good use of extra time is to learn a new skill or develop a new hobby. You can start your own consultation app to teach people a new hobby or a new skill. 

With Panther, you can easily set up your app and reach out to people your speciality. You just need to concentrate on teaching people and Panther will take care of everything behind the scenes for you! To learn more about how Panther can help, you can read it here

Business Venture

These are just a few ways in which Jungleworks’ products can help you out. We offer many other services and solutions and we are always up for a chat to help you with your business queries!

If you enjoyed reading this, we’re sure you will also love checking out what we have in store on our Youtube channel. You can also head to our home page for more information!

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