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How to become a real estate entrepreneur in 2023?

By Chirag Naiknavare 20th December 2022

As the name explains, a real estate entrepreneur is someone who pursues a career in the real estate/property market. It usually involves developing a portfolio of real estate and then getting into the work of dealing with all aspects of real estate. If you are looking to become a successful real estate entrepreneur, you need to know all the ins and outs of the real estate sector.

It includes knowledge about residential real estate, commercial real estate, and about property management. Real estate entrepreneurs can develop a lot of wealth if they acquire the knowhow about various aspects of the business. However, this work is not free from risks and challenges. Here are some steps to learn about becoming a real estate entrepreneur.

How to Become a Real Estate Entrepreneur

1. Scrutinize the real estate market

The initial step for becoming a real estate entrepreneur is studying the real estate market. Doing thorough homework will aid you in making informed decisions about buying and selling a property. This is a much-needed skill for all real estate investors. Several methods can be used for staying updated about the latest trends in the real estate sector. You need to follow all the latest industry news, subscribe to newsletters, and even join a local club specializing in real estate investments.

2. Specialize in a niche

This niche has to be a specialized area for your concentration in the broader real estate industry. Having a precise niche lets you become an expert in a specific transaction or a specific property. It makes things simpler to locate and close deals. This also makes the branding and marketing of your business a lot easier.

For instance, you need to concentrate on a niche such as luxury vacation rentals or fixer-upper properties. Otherwise, you may specialize in some kind of transaction such as wholesale or short-sale properties. It doesn’t matter what niche you have selected, ensure that it is something you are passionate about and have experience about.

3. Develop a business plan

Having a business plan is like having a roadmap that will outline all your business goals and the plans for achieving them. Although having a business plan might appear to be a daunting task, it is necessary for all real estate entrepreneurs, or for all entrepreneurs for that matter.

Having a well-developed real estate business plan will help you in being organized and focused as you are trying to grow your business. While writing a business plan ensure that you have a market analysis, executive summary, financial projections, and company overviews in it. You may utilize business planning software for getting started.

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4. Be aware of the risks

Keep in mind that real estate investing is a risky business and there is always the likelihood of taking losses. These losses could come as a result of tenant issues or market conditions. But before taking a plunge into the real estate market, it is significant to know and accept all the risks. Only then will you be able to take informed decisions about what properties you should invest in and how you need to go about protecting your investment. Some of the common risks you are going to encounter as a real estate entrepreneur are,

  • Market risk: The overall value of your property might reduce because of the changes in the real estate market.
  • Liability risk: You might be held liable for the injuries taking place over the property.
  • Tenant risk: There might be some damage caused to the property by the tenant or non-payment of rent.

5. Get an accountant

Investing in an accountant is always a good decision you will take as a real estate entrepreneur. All the good accountants will help in keeping track of all your finances. He can help you in developing a financial strategy for your company, and prepare your taxes. It will also free up the time so that, you may concentrate on other aspects of the business like locating and closing the deals. While selecting an accountant make sure that you are choosing somebody that has experience working in the real estate business. Before finalizing an accountant, you need to interview many candidates and get the most suitable one for your requirements.

6. Develop a network

If you are a real estate entrepreneur, you must ensure that you have developed a network of contacts. Some of these contacts can include money lenders, real estate investors, contractors, and real estate agents. Having a powerful network will let you find suitable properties and get the finance to close the deals more easily and fast. There are several ways you can use for building the network. Some of them include attending related industry events, participating in online forums, and joining networking groups. You may also connect with prospective contacts by using online directories and social media.

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7. Be eager to learn

The real estate industry keeps on changing. So, it is significant that you are willing to learn about newer developments. It doesn’t matter whether you are taking some online courses, reading the industry news, or attending some event, just ensure that you are constantly learning. The more you learn the better prepared you will be for taking informed decisions about the business.

One of the better methods for learning about the real estate business is by finding out a good mentor. This mentor can be someone that has been successful in the business and can offer guidance and advice. You can search for one by asking colleagues and friends or searching online for one.

8. Be patient

Keep in mind that real estate investments take a lot of time to materialize. Therefore, you must be patient. Remember, Rome was not built in a day. And neither is your real estate empire going to be. There are going to be many ups and downs on the way. However, as long as you are focused on the target you have a very good chance of succeeding.

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9. Develop a team

Any real estate entrepreneur is going to need plenty of hands for his effort. You can have some experts on your team that will compensate for the lack of experience from your side. But, having a proper real estate team helps you in handling the real estate investments in various areas. Any competent team can assist you in your work and make sure that you have the maximum ROI. This team will also prevent you from committing more mistakes. You can start with a small team and allow it to grow with the business. Be sure to add some experts to the team such as real estate agents, mortgage brokers, attorneys, and home inspectors.

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10. Make your first investment

Most real estate investments or for that matter all real estate investments are one-time investments. So, the real estate entrepreneur must make sure that all the finances are in proper order. Evaluate the real estate market and take into account the location before investing. Learn about the market, and real estate laws, and find out about the property, schools nearby, the overall economy, demographic trends, and job market before making your investment.


If you are looking to become a successful real estate entrepreneur you will have to work hard, have devotion, and will need a bit of luck. But, if you are looking to put in some effort, you can receive great rewards for your work. You can achieve the capability of setting your schedule or getting financial freedom. Real estate investments will offer you the life that you have always dreamed about. When you are ready to embark on your journey of becoming a successful real estate entrepreneur, you can use these steps to get started. If you are looking to develop an app for your real estate business look no further than Jungleworks for a state-of-the-art app.

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