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How to Set Up an Online Medical Consultancy Business in Less Than 24 Hours?

By Saloni Kackar 9th June 2020

The world is in a restructuring phase right now. People have isolated themselves indoors and are adapting to virtual reality. In addition, the worldwide mandatory restrictions have magnified the strain on the healthcare industry. And certainly, now is the time to switch your conventional medical practice to the online medical consultancy business via a powerful conversational marketplace.

Meanwhile, medical consultants have expanded their outreach on various online platforms. Doctors are now permitted to offer telemedicine consultations to their patients. As a result, this has sparked the surge of setting up an online medical consultancy platform. In other words, this means that the telehealth platform is the new era of the healthcare sector!

Online Medical Consultancy

The idea is to schedule and perform a remote patient appointment. Therefore, via an online consultation marketplace, doctors can connect with patients virtually. 

A telemedicine consultation makes it easy for the healthcare practitioner to evaluate, diagnose and treat the patient through the digital platform. Do you know why your conventional business needs to shift to this new mode of practice? Because this is what the times call for!

But the important question here is, how do you differentiate yourself in an overcrowded online medical consultation business? Give it a read to know more.

Have you heard about it?

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

‍- Charles Darwin

Are you ready to embrace the change? If yes, then here is good news. You can now set up your online medical consultancy business in less than 24 hours. 

Steps to follow:

Choose the platform

Select the customizations 

Opt for your preferred payment method

Pick the right technology 

Start earning through your online medical consultation business

Here is a quick e-guide that will help you to clarify and make a shift to an online platform swiftly. 

Step 1: Choose the all-in-one- consultation platform 

You must admit, you need all the help you can get for this new transition. Ask a successful online medical consultant for his recipe for success! He can tell you about his primary choice of picking up a consultation platform. Or if you ask us, we would say go to 8 Business Ideas to Get Started with a Consultancy Marketplace and find out.

Identifying opportunities early and embracing them is a key strategy to succeed, and a robust consultation platform does just that. So, you will begin the research. Read on to find a perfect online consultation platform for yourself.

Here are a few of the do’s and don’ts that you must consider before. Pick a platform that:

  • Offers flexibility to opt for video or audio calls
  • Allows the opportunity to promote your presence. (Look for pre-built marketing strategies)
  • Supports the flexibility to extend text consultation 
  • Supports analytical data-driven packed reports.

Not sure about where to start? Learn more about Panther for an insight into how the conversational marketplace works!

Step 2: Opt for the extended flexibility of customizations

If you are an orthopedic doctor and your marketplace showcases the physician background! Sounds confusing, isn’t it? On behalf of your audience and being a part of them, I would like to highlight its benefits.

It helps to nurture your virtual bond with your patients and flexible customization will allow you to:

  • Pick a multilingual platform to connect with regional patients
  • Choose a theme-oriented marketplace to offer an impressive presence 
  • Go for an extension to manage your calendar availability
  • Have control over the flexibility to schedule/ reschedule appointments

This global change in the approach of doctors will help in offering optimum care to their patients. Round-the-clock availability of the doctors via the online consultation marketplace will change healthcare for the better!

Step 3: Choose your preferred payment methods

We want you to be your own boss in your online consulting business. Moreover, consultation marketplace offers you the flexibility to introduce your consultation fee as per your wish. You can either go for pre-billing appointments or can charge once the consultation is over. Having flexible and multiple payment gateways gives you: 

  • Better patient response in terms of payment channel flexibility
  • Improved geographic coverage with leverage of choosing a convenient payment option
  • Optimized flexibility to expand your online medical consultancy business
  • Enhanced access to multiple payments functionalities 

So, what’s stopping you? Now is the time to make the decisive action of increasing your earnings with the online consultancy business. 

Step 4: Choose the right technology

We don’t expect medicos to be skilled techies! But, we expect you to choose the right tech suite to never let your online consulting business down. Furthermore, You must be well aware of how a good tech decision can support your presence. And to add some specific insights, here are a few points that you ought to know: 

  • Get a zero-tech required setup to nullify the need of any technical team 
  • Get the advanced and tested marketplace to empower your online consulting business
  • Make informed decisions about setting up your profile and consultancy
  • Get the mobile/web version of your conversational marketplace to expand your presence 

And you are good to go!

Online Medical Consultancy

Let Panther support your dream medical consultancy business in the best way possible

We believe that your skills need a platform even when the world is at a standstill mode. This is why the telemedicine concept is gaining prominence in the market. Our team at Panther is striving to make this online medical consultancy – yours and our present and future. If you are ready to thrive in the online medical consultancy business, here are 8 Consultancy Ideas to Work on to Become the Next Unicorn.

However, looking at the current situations, our team is offering a quick set-up of your online medical consultancy business in under 24 hours. Panther is your go-to- introduce marketplace that can be your asset for life with zero codings required. Know all about What Sets Panther apart from other Consultation Marketplaces and get ready to become an ace in the field of medical consulting services.

The future of online medical consultancy

There is no doubt about the fact that this new normal is going to stay with us. Therefore, smart people are moving ahead with lesser physical interaction and expect the same from others! We are here to turn your decision into a life-changing positive experience. Let us know when you are ready to play your role in contributing your part to this new normal because, in the future, it seems like the on-demand medical consultation will always be in demand.

If you enjoyed reading this, we’re sure you will also love checking out what we have in store on our YouTube channel. You can also head to our page for more info! Also, here is an e-book curated just for you to help you launch an Online Healthcare Consulting Business from scratch, download now!

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