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How to Create a Ready-To-Go White Label Telemedicine Platform

By Zeba Yasmeen 5th July 2021
white label telemedicine

Telemedicine has shifted from being a handy tool to an essential service used by millions of people all around the world. Among other pandemic-adaptive norms, telemedicine is here to stay. Here is everything need to know about how you can launch your white label telemedicine platform in minutes!

While previously, we chose between visiting a doctor’s clinic or having an online consultation, most of us now prefer consulting doctors remotely. And why so? Telemedicine benefits health seekers in many ways. Here are a couple of numbers to back this claim:

  • An online doctor’s consultation can save over 100 minutes of the patient’s time, making it a favoured choice.
  • While only 11% of people used telehealth services in 2019, about 79% of people are now interested in using them going forward, a McKinsey survey shows.
  • According to another survey, more than 70% of respondents reported they will continue using telehealth services post-pandemic.

Evidently, telemedicine is the future of healthcare that can smoothen consultations for patients and medical professionals alike. 

If you want to build and kickstart a telemedicine platform of your own, you are on the right page! Launching your white label telemedicine is easier than it sounds. Let’s dive deeper into it!

What is a telemedicine platform?

 A telemedicine platform is a portal that you can build to offer healthcare services to patients through the internet. Now, you can either choose to build it from scratch or employ a readymade solution from a white label app development service.

A white label telemedicine platform is one that you can customize according to your preferences, rebrand and resell as your offering. A white label telemedicine solution saves you the pain of coding an app by yourself from the ground up. 

white label telemedicine

You can easily set up a portal for your patients to book appointments on, and an app for doctors to render seamless consultations. A white label telehealth app offers not one, but many advantages over a custom made telemedicine app. 

How do white label telemedicine platforms outpace custom-made telemedicine apps?

Little to no technical knowledge needed

One of the biggest concerns most businesses and budding entrepreneurs looking to develop an app is finding skilled tech expertise. App development requires one to be well-acquainted with coding and programming languages. If this is new territory for you, then custom-app development can create a knowledge wedge between you and custom-app developers.

Refined and tested UI

You need to pay extra attention to the usability and ergonomics of your app while getting it custom-made. Designing and creating a high-performing user interface can be a tough nut to crack if not done skillfully. 

On the other hand, a white label app is usually thoroughly tested and altered to render the best user experience to your target audience. 

For example, the design of Panther’s white-label app telemedicine focuses on the urgency of medical appointments. It offers a simple yet compact user experience that simplifies accessing healthcare through a straightforward user journey.

Reduced cost of development and quick-to-launch

A custom app requires you to get to the fundamentals of the developmental process and compile each component of your app individually. Consequently, this turns out to be quite pricey. Moreover, custom development has a much longer app completion cycle. It can take anywhere from weeks to a few months if you are looking to custom-build your app.

White label app development is free of these challenges custom-app solutions have. A white label platform offers a complete suite of features that can be fine-tuned according to your use case. As a result, your app’s time-to-market is dramatically lesser than expected and you can go live within a day or two.

What does the future of telemedicine apps look like?

The healthcare industry was almost completely virtualized in 2020. Telemedicine apps grew by manifolds as they became a regular name in households. Here is what to expect from telemedicine space in coming times:

white label telemedicine

Artificial intelligence will be a driving force 

Machine learning has streamlined operations across industries by complementing human intelligence and reducing workload. 

Through AI, patients will be able to receive treatment plans tailored to their needs and requirements. It will also redefine the way they receive healthcare. AI chatbots can be used to resolve health-related queries for visitors, saving up tons of time for professionals to attend to more urgent cases. Machine learning will also help doctors with accurate diagnoses by studying typical symptoms of a disease.

Increased investment in digital healthcare

The medical community is getting quick to recognize the potential digitization holds for the coming years. It’s not unrealistic to assume more mobile-first options will flood the market to cater to the ever-growing demand for telemedicine care. 

Healthcare providers will be quick to invest more in apps that help them reach their patients remotely. A white label telemedicine consultation marketplace offers a perfect solution for professionals looking to take their practice online.

Data security will be paramount

Online consultations would require doctors to store sensitive patient information such as diagnosis, communication history, treatment plans, etc. This would require hosting consultations on a platform that provides robust data security to avoid any breaches.

Building a ready-to-go white label telemedicine platform is as easy as a few clicks!

Remember all the good things we talked about white label solutions previously? Panther’s telemedicine consultation platform has it all to offer and more! Wondering what does Panther have to offer?

Users can easily browse and find the right doctor to book an appointment with on their app. Medical professionals can accept and render consultations to patients through video, audio, and chat. Panther makes payment easy with multi-channel options and offers enterprise-grade data security to safeguard critical information.

What’s more with Panther? We not only get your telemedicine app up and running, but also ensure the right people hear about it! Through GrowthStack, you can amplify your telemedicine business through different marketing channels so it reaches your target audience through different marketing channels.

With no coding needed, Panther can help you kickstart your white label telemedicine platform within a day. Visit our homepage and we’d be happy to help you get the show on the road!

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