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How to create an App Like Udemy: Online Tutor Marketplace

By Saloni Kackar 2nd December 2020

With the world in a global lockdown and everything including schools, colleges, and extra classes shut down owing to the pandemic. This is the perfect moment to pitch into the rapidly growing online tutor marketplace. Online tutor marketplace is the combined use of computer hardware, software, and educational training to facilitate learning. And it helps to improve academic performance. Moreover, it is currently one of the few industries that are growing at a fast pace and to create. And developing an app like Udemy will be a smart business decision to take. 

Online tutor marketplace

What works for an app like Udemy

  • Online tutor marketplace like Udemy caters to a wide range of international audiences of varying income levels. 
  • They offer free premium educational products and services at an individual and corporate level. 
  • They offer an income generation toolkit for exclusive course authors. 

But it’s not just that, learning platforms like Udemy offer innovative, educational technology that provides high-quality learning possibilities. Multilingual education materials from leading experts are available at any time. Students will be able to leave feedback about the classes and instructors to help improve and better the program. 

How do apps like Udemy attract their customers and keep their loyalty? 

  • They have a quick and easy user sign-up and login via pre-existing Google emails and/or Facebook. Thus, making it as simple as a click for the users to sign up with their courses. 
  • They list out the more popular and most frequented classes on their main page. As a result, this makes it easy for their user to navigate through their app or website and enroll. 
  • User-friendly catalogs and filters to make sure that the user isn’t overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of courses. Furthermore, Apps that are written like the Udemy script are written in such a way that it helps the user easily narrow down their search to their desired course. 
  • The Udemy app gives the authors and experts an income-generational toolkit. With that, these experts can create their own courses and generate income. 
  • The Udemy app makes it easier for users to share their progress on their social media profiles. It helps to attract new users. 
  • Users can easily choose their personal preferences like language and payment options making it easier for the user. 
  • They offer courses at a corporate level to help deepen their employees’ knowledge and skillset. 
  • They offer a variety of courses to their users to select from.

These are just some of the benefits that Udemy offers to its users to make sure their experience with Udemy is seamless and hassle-free. 

Online tutor marketplace

How to develop an Udemy clone app?

  • To develop an online tutor marketplace, a supportive team with expertise in tech knowledge is preliminary; to run an app successfully, it is imperative that the app runs without any bugs or hitches when the user is navigating through it and that can only be done when the backend of the app runs smoothly. 
  • The app should offer courses with leading experts of specific industries to be able to attract customers and users to not only sign up with the app but also stay and keeping back to their courses. 
  • It is important to showcase all the courses that are on the catalog list, one that a user can easily scroll through and simultaneously be easy to manage. 
  • The user needs to have a seamless experience whether they are signing up for courses or paying for them. 

How can Panther help? 

With Jungleworks’ Panther, you can avail all the aforementioned benefits without having to worry about the coding and tech knowledge. Because Jungleworks provides you with state-of-the-art tech features that can be set up in a few minutes. Moreover, with a minimum, monthly fee, Jungleworks offers cost-effective tech help which can create the backbone of the app. Jungleworks’ Panther is constantly updating and upgrading and it makes sure that your app receives the best of the new features. Furthermore, it is strictly compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation, assuring the safeguard of the data your app collects from its users. 

Jungleworks provides you with an admin dashboard, making it uncomplicated to overlook and manage the listings. Moreover, the catalogs provided for the users and are constantly supplying the managers with users’ analytics and user insights which enable quick decision making to keep up with the users’ preferences and boost business. There are seamless integrations of payments gateways with Jungleworks’ Panther that will allow the users to pay for their courses without any hassles. 

You will not have to worry about the backend software support as Jungleworks is there at every step of the way to help better your users’ experience while you reach out and expand your horizons. 

Get started on your EduTech app today and help make a difference in the expanding world of knowledge and education!

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