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How to Build Your Own Travel Marketplace in Minutes?

By Deepak Digwal 17th July 2020

Everyone loves to travel. In today’s digital era, travel companies and entrepreneurs have taken advantage of the massive benefits of technology to transform the world of travel. It’s so easy to travel anywhere in the world because of the kind of resources available online. Companies like Airbnb, Hostelworld, Headout, TripAdvisor, and other such travel marketplaces have taken travel and tourism to another level and now you can too! 

Why You Should Build Your Own Online Travel Marketplace 

Vacations will never be outdated. Globalization has made all corners of the world accessible to travelers, and despite the pandemic, the first thing people do while planning a vacation is to get online and find the best places to visit. When it comes to online travel marketplaces, individuals look for the best deals and user-friendly websites and applications. You can tap into this dynamic market and create an online marketplace for travelers. 

Why You Should Build Your Own Online Travel Marketplace

Creating an Online Marketplace for Travel

Remember that creating an online travel marketplace is just like any other on-demand business. Make sure you carry out extensive research about travel and decide on a market as well as a target audience. See what existing travel companies are doing to generate more sales and what strategies are appealing to the masses. 

Then, come up with a business plan/model for your marketplace. Is your marketplace place going to be a Customer-to-Customer model? A Business-to-Customer Model? Or a Peer-to-Peer model? Your business model should solve a problem/problems in order for there to be a need for it.

Finding the Right Online Marketplace Builder

Of course, creating an online marketplace platform right from scratch can seem difficult to pull off. The good news is that there are pre-existing marketplace builders to make this process seamless. 

Tiger, for instance, is an online marketplace builder that lets you create a rental platform for travel, books, equipment, and just about anything else you can think of. With a rental marketplace builder like Tiger, you can create a network of travel listings for your customers to choose from.

As a peer to peer marketplace builder, Tiger also helps you create a platform for buyers and sellers to connect.

Finding the Right Online Marketplace Builder

Features Offered by Tiger

The marketplace software allows you to launch your own travel website/application equipped with all the resources and tools you need. You can create listings for camps, home-stays, hotels, hostels, resorts, and the like. The many integrated partners like Google Analytics, Paytm, Paypal, and more, make sure your online marketplace runs smoothly. 

You can also customize your online marketplace to appeal to your target audience using Tiger. Remember that an appealing and user-friendly website can go a long way in retaining customers. The powerful admin control panel will help you stay on top and oversee all activities. Visit https://jungleworks.com/tiger/ for a detailed list of all the features available to you.   

Features Offered by Tiger

Keep in Mind

A few things to consider are to come up with effective monetization strategies for your business, develop effective marketing campaigns, and generate traffic towards your website. 

Building an online marketplace can be time-consuming and expensive. Choose an online marketplace builder that lets you save costs and time while still allowing you to be in control of the end product. 

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