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How to Build an Integration using existing API’s

By Nammitta Dutta 14th June 2019

Willing to integrate your system with Tookan to automatically create delivery tasks in simple steps?

Integrating your system with Tookan using the existing API’s is simple and easy. It enables business owners to optimize their day-to-day business processes hassle-free.

In this article, we’ll give you a run-through on how to integrate Tookan using our existing API with your platform. Here we are integrating GloriaFood with Tookan using API. You can replicate these steps to integrate Tookan with your favorite platform.

GloriaFood is an online ordering system that allows restaurant owners to set-up their online presence within minutes for free. With GloriaFood business owners can easily take online orders

Before you begin, please make sure that you have created an account with both GloriaFood and Tookan.

Step 1: Login to your Tookan account by going to app.tookanapp.com

Step 2: Go to settings under menu from the top-left corner in the dashboard

Tookan dashboard

Step 3: You will find API keys at the bottom in settings. Click on API keys for your V1 API key, please generate it if you don’t find it and copy it for your reference

API Keys Tookan

Step 4: Login to your online ordering platform, GloriaFood by going to https://www.gloriafood.com/

Step 5: In GloriaFood admin dashboard go to web admin area -> others -> delivery tracking

GloriaFood admin dashboard

Step 6: Once you click on delivery tracking you will find a list of delivery integrations possible with GloriaFood

list of delivery integrations

Step 7: Click on Tookan in the delivery tracking integrations list. Enable it and tap at yes on the dialog box asking you “If you have an active account with Tookan”

delivery tracking integrations list

Step 8: Once you click on “Yes”, you will be redirected to the integration page. Paste your V2 API key next to restaurant token in custom fields.

integration page

Step 9: Test API integration by placing an order in GloriaFood. Once your order is successfully accepted by the admin you will receive a quick notification on Tookan dashboard with all the information required to make delivery.   

Test API integration GloriaFood

Wrapping Up

Integrating your favorite platforms with our pre-built API is easy than ever. All you need to do is follow the above steps to optimize your daily business operations.

Feel free to reach us at contact@tookanapp.com

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