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How Safe Pass empower Government decisions to Keep Lockdown?

By Tannu Sharma 1st April 2020

The decisive actions of the Government to lockdown the places have been applauded because of its soothing impact on the current restlessness. Although, no one was prepared for it! This unanimous decision of the government to lock down the places has given a scope to the on-demand delivery businesses to carry out their business operations via their service agents. But, how can one be sure the delivery agent is away from any sort of infection?

Safe Pass: How it Works?

With the sudden announcements of lockdown, many of the people have confined them inside the four walls of their houses. However, because of some urgency, many of us need to step outside too. This was becoming troublesome for the Government and other concerned authorities to take a charge over the situation because stepping out from the home in some cases was equally important, as staying at home was! 

To deal with this strange situation, we are launching with our “Safe Pass app”. This app will help the government and agents in the easy distribution of the lockdown passes. This app would also allow in marking the people safe from the infection, even in scenarios when they need to come out. This could be done via checking the vitals, cough, fever and cold of individuals. This will give a clear indication of whether the person is suffering from the contagious ailment or not. 

How Restaurants and On-demand delivery businesses can get benefit from it?

In the midst of all the chaos, here is news to cherish. With Safe Pass, you can keep on moving ahead with the sales of your business without any interruption. As soon as your delivery agents need to step out of their places to make a delivery, their vitals would be monitored. This recorded vitals would be an assistance in allowing the agents to get clearance for reaching the desired destination. 

As soon as your restaurant or an on-demand delivery business gets an order, you will assign a delivery agent to proceed with the further delivery process. To experience uninterrupted delivery, you can use the Safe Pass App. As all government agencies would be registered on this platform all that you have to do is signup on the platform to fill the general information form as mentioned by the government and once it is done it will be sent to the agencies for approval. Once it is approved there you go with smooth and faster deliveries to your customers.

How will the Government benefit from Safe Pass?

We all know that the Government is already burdened with the responsibilities of keeping the people safe and away from the deadly outrage. To reduce their burden, Safe Pass could be used. It will help in ensuring minimizing their task. The optimized use of Safe Pass would allow in:

  • Reducing the applications to release pass for people to step out
  • Gives a clear picture of the individual health status through the recorded information via Safe Pass app

If an individual turns out to be a positive case;

In such unwanted situations, Safe Pass will notify the concerned authorities in the first place. It will also help in tracking the people where the agent has delivered the order in the last 7-10 days. Thus, informing the government and people on the spot. This extended reach of the Safe Pass App will help in making the Government work more seamlessly and less complexity.

Let’s fight it together

Our venture Safe Pass App is created, keeping in mind the restlessness among the on-demand delivery businesses and the impending hassles of Government to serve the community altogether. 

This initiative will be a win-win situation for all if everyone plays its role sensibly! For more information, connect with us.

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