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How Opting For White Label Solutions Benefits Your Business: Everything You Need To Know!

By Zeba Yasmeen 30th April 2021
white label solutions

In this high competitive environment, it is crucial to stand out from the crowd. And as a result, marketers invented white label solutions. Business owners are preferring whitelabel software/app over independent branding. White labeling is getting more and more popular with each passing day as a result of the rapid development of the tech world.

In the past, a considerable amount of time was spent on the development of online tools, testing, beta-testing with real people, and marketing. However, the game has changed over the years. Now, in 2021, if you are a great marketer, you don’t necessarily have to develop your own online tools. Instead of that, you can implement a white label solution and solve all your problems in a few clicks.

To help you get started, here’s all you need to know about white label products.

So, what exactly is White Label?

Any product/service that is sold under the guise of marketeer/seller but is actually developed end-to-end by a third party (meet Jungleworks) is a White Label product. In other words, the product developer removes their own brand/logo from the end product and instead puts the branding requested by the purchaser. The end products could be anything, ranging from consumer goods such as soap and mattress to business products and softwareapplications.

To illustrate the above, consider products you see in Walmart. For instance, you will observe Walmart’s own pasta with proper packaging, logo and all other things that makes it stand peer-to-peer with other branded products. This is a white label product that is rebranded by other supermarket chains but is made to look as Walmart has manufactured the item on its own. ,And this is not just limited to consumer products, in fact finds huge application in service industries such as IT solutions.

How does White Labelling Services work in software applications?

White labelling services, as a concept, is pretty straight forward in software development too. A company purchases a white label product and presents them to the end customer under their own brand name. Companies like Jungleworks specialize in creating those products and purchasers/resellers get to market and sell them to the end consumer.

White Label Solution developers are becoming popular because many business owners cannot afford to hire a big team of professionals to do the software development from scratch.

Jungleworks provides fully customizable White Label on-demand applications/software (link) to agencies. Clients rebrand the product or service with their name and logo and sell it (or use it to sell) to their end customers.

Now that we have established that white label solutions’ is indeed a good strategy for certain businesses, let us see what are the key advantages of opting for white labeling. 

Top 5 reasons to root for White Label solutions

Searching for “Advantages of White Labelling services” will end up with a million results that will probably make you more confused than properly informed. Therefore, we have listed down some of the key advantages of white label software development.

1. Easy Branding– Ready-made products allow businesses to focus more on branding the products than on research and development. Of course, appropriate knowledge about the product is necessary. But you get to avoid deploying resources on factors that wouldn’t really have created a difference in the market. What actually creates the difference is reaching out to customers and telling them that you have a valuable product.

2. Time and Money– Product development is an expensive affair. Setting up a separate team to build and customise products will take a financial toll on the company. White Label software allows businesses to by-pass such major cost heads. This arrangement facilitates them to focus more on their core competency than on subsidiary functions.

3. Less Risk– Bulkier the organization, larger are the associated risks. By opting for white labelling services, businesses are able to transfer the risk associated with the entire process of developing products to third parties. Since, companies like Jungleworks specialize in product development, they tend to manage and mitigate those risks better.

4. Satisfied and happy customers– Eventually, it all comes down to the customers. Customer satisfaction has a lot to do with how businesses deliver their product/service. A more efficient value chain, thanks in part to white labelling, leads to customers experiencing valuable transactions with the businesses. 

How does it work with Jungleworks?

Jungleworks provides various White Label on-demand software and applications. The team is highly specialized in developing solutions that best meets customer requirements. The developers sit at length and work extensively on building features that help set the clients apart from their competitors. As a result, robust & scalable technologies are tailored to the on-demand business needs, delivering a unique experience.

Also, such tailored white label solutions require more than just one time development. Continuous and reliable after-sales support is the key to a long-lasting relationship with the clients. Moreover, Jungleworks assigns a dedicated account manager along with a robust 24/7 technical support team to deal with all issues instantly. Apart from that, real-time insights & sales report analysis is regularly provided to help clients identify growth opportunities.

White Label products by Jungleworks

There are 12 specific categories of White Label solutions by Jungleworks as per business needs and latest industry trends. You can get a quick look at some of them below for quick reference. Visit Products to explore more.

Pickup &Delivery

Pickup and delivery business has been one of the most traditional industries to be transformed by the digital revolution in the past decade. Jungleworks’ pickup and delivery software help in streamlining business operations. The business management solution enables live tracking of cargo, in-app calling/chatting with delivery agents, navigation through Google maps, etc.

Food Delivery

Jungleworks provides the right technology to optimize and expand a restaurant and food delivery business. It has an extremely comprehensive tech suite for all four stakeholders in a typical food delivery marketplace viz. Admin, Merchant, Delivery partner, and Customer.

Courier Delivery

Logistics is not only complex but has to be extremely resilient to uncertain factors, case in point Covid. Jungleworks has the industry experience to create the best courier delivery marketplace for its clients to keep up with the growing courier service market.

Medical Pharmacy

One of the late entrants in online marketplaces, web-pharmacies are growing at a breakneck speed. However, given the growing importance of digital healthcare infrastructure, Jungleworks provides end-to-end assistance in building a strong online marketplace for medical consultation and delivery.

Grocery Delivery

Online grocery shopping is catching up with consumers rapidly. According to Orian Research, the global online grocery market would grow with CAGR 23.7% in the period 2020 – 2025. And looking at the rapid growth in this sector, Jungleworks made a tech suite to serve its food industry clients of grocery delivery apps.

Vehicle Telematics

The logistics industry is growing faster. And it is clear that the logistics industry will soon have technology as an invincible part of it. And you need to stay ahead of the rest in order to grow your business. Jungleworks will make transportation of perishable Goods easy with their high-quality cold chain fleet management solution.


White Labelled options can help insurers tap into newer market segments and reach new customers. However, insurance carriers need to be data-centric, and laser focused on the customer experience to better meet policyholders’ needs. Jungleworks can help with quicker arrangement without the need for large capital investments with its simplified and unified mobility apps.

Home Services

The global home services market is expected to grow at CAGR ~19% in 2019-2026. In the majority of home service verticals, over 55% of consumers run a search before scheduling an appointment. Given how rapidly this will be growing in coming years, Jungleworks has created a branded app for home-services business with automated scheduling and dispatch.

Fleet Management

The fleet business has evolved with time. These management solutions solved a lot of daily problems for business owners. Therefore, it’s high time to go over the fleet management solutions that can help your business handle its transportation needs. And Jungleworks has a complete Fleet Management Software: Vehicle Tracking Solutions & Fleet Monitoring.


To manage day-to-day operations in a digital world, businesses use logistics management solutions. It’s a combination of software tools, from making an order and delivering it to a customer’s door. That is to say, Jungleworks has the best-in-class asset tracking and logistics enterprise management solution. Its technology enterprise suite helps manage pick-ups and deliveries with optimal supply chain visibility, speed and precision.

Movers & Packers

Nowadays people who are shifting to a new town or city, search online for the best professional service. And there is a competition in each and every segment of digital platforms. Jungleworks has developed a Sophisticated Packers & Movers Mobile App and software that will cater to the today’s business needs.

Other Services

According to data, 72% of the Americans have used one or the other form of on demand online service. This can be a huge business opportunity for an aspiring entrepreneur.  And Jungleworks as a growing business, understands the need of the hour. Therefore they have made it easy for business owners to develop an on-demand mobile app with various features that will help grow their business.


In a nutshell, white labelling is selling goods of another company under your company’s identifiers be its name, logo, packaging, etc. White label solutions have helped companies bring down their costs, improve business efficiency and save time and efforts in order to focus more on their core competency. Jungleworks is a renowned leader in providing robust on-demand white label products with 24/7 client support for all issues. The idea here is to help everyone do what they do the best.

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