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How Healthcare Management Software automates the Pharma Industry

By Aastha Malhotra 17th March 2021

Healthcare & Technology

Technology powers everything we do and its wide-reaching impact has brought significant changes to how the pharma industry operates as well. A healthcare management software can improve the efficiency of your practice, help you manage and schedule patient appointments better, track all on-going appointments, and much more. The incorporation of technology in healthcare has been a long time coming and with more hospitals and clinics switching to healthcare software solutions to great effect, this synergy is only going to get stronger in the days to come.

Healthcare Management Software

If you’re looking for a way to better manage your hospital or clinic and offer patients a hassle-free appointment process, a robust health care booking system will do the job perfectly. Read on to know more about the benefits of healthcare booking software and how you can integrate it into your practice.

Features of a Healthcare Appointment Scheduling Software

  • Most healthcare appointment scheduling software is equipped with powerful tracking technology that allows you to track patients when they visit you – from the time of check-in to when they leave. You can also track patients’ appointment status and physician availability using the organized systems incorporated in healthcare software. 
  • With the right healthcare booking software, you can assign incoming appointment requests to the right healthcare provider based on the diagnostic data provided. This feature is much needed since it doesn’t save everyone’s time but also ensures that your patients get the right care and treatment and get positive outcomes.
  • If you’re running a big hospital with many doctors and healthcare providers, managing their availability and schedule can be a tad challenging. Add to that incoming patient requests and the need for a bridge between patient and provider scheduling becomes acute. Healthcare management software is equipped with automated systems to manage doctor availability which makes scheduling much easier.
Healthcare Management Software
  • With automated phone calls and text reminders before upcoming appointments, the manual task of calling up patients is eliminated. This helps save plenty of manpower which can be better utilized else while also helping avoid no-shows.
  • The biggest reason why healthcare scheduling software is the future is because of its ease of access. This software is available on mobile divides making them easily accessible and making provider-patient communication much more seamless and quick. 
  • Many healthcare scheduling software are packed with the ability to dispatch healthcare providers to specific locations for emergencies and home appointments.
  • Healthcare management software allows medical practices to be better organized and simplify their scheduling with features including easy creation of patients, automatic scanning for available appointments, and much more.
  • Every healthcare scheduling software features a patient portal which patients can use to enter and manage their appointment. Everything from lab results and medical imagining to all other patient information is available at this portal making it the perfect access point for both new and existing patients.

Healthcare Management Software

Barriers to Adopting a Healthcare Booking System

Legacy System Reluctance: A recurring issue with some medical practices is their reluctance to transition to a healthcare scheduling software since it means giving up their tried and tested scheduling systems they have used for many years. The transition can be particularly difficult for practices with workflow, paperwork, and processes dependent on their legacy system. With healthcare management software like Tookan, you can make this transition much easier thanks to the intuitive user interface and easy adaptability of the software.

Lack of Flexibility: Despite being designed for numerous use cases, automated scheduling systems aren’t equipped to handle 100% of the cases that come in. This is primarily due to the lack of human intuition and the absence of a historical understanding of scheduling appointments according to different situations. Tookan’s healthcare management software is super flexible and can be used according to your specific requirements without any hassle.

Healthcare Management Software

Cost: While medical scheduling software has the potential to produce long-term savings, it does require an initial investment to implement a new system and train staff. In some cases, transitioning to medical scheduling software is cost-prohibitive for some practices due to limited funds or budgetary challenges. In the long run, medical scheduling software proves to be cost-saving but the initial setup investment can be too much for many practices. This is particularly true for medical practices with a lot of experience since they’ll also need to spend money on training their staff on how to use the software. When you choose Tookan for your healthcare management needs, you can take advantage of our reasonable prices and dedicated customer support.

Benefits of a Healthcare Booking System

  • With effective tools and features including time-saving ones like matching patient requests with doctor’s availability, a healthcare scheduling software can help you save a lot of time. Using the online portal that is a part of this software, you can also improve the patients’ experience since they don’t have to call and schedule an appointment and do it through the online portal.
  • One of the biggest hassles of running a clinic is accumulating and managing years’ worth of patient data and ensuring it’s easily accessible. With healthcare management software, you can centralize all patient information including demographic data, medical history, payment details, and more right from their first encounter.
  • Scheduling software also allows medical practices to maintain their schedules across different offices and for multiple doctors.
  • With the right healthcare booking system, you can majorly reduce wait times for patients and ensure they don’t waste hours waiting for their turn. The powerful algorithm used to schedule appointments ensures there’s no time wasted.
  • Since most healthcare management software are available on the web or mobile devices, both patients and providers can stay updated on upcoming appointments and schedules from wherever they want. This eliminates the need to call or visit the practice to schedule an appointment and cancel or reschedule it.

Healthcare Management Software
  • Most medical scheduling software features an effective appointment reminder feature that ensures patients keep their appointment. According to different researches, the appointment reminder feature helps avoid no-shows by up to 40%.
  • A healthcare management software offers an all-inclusive and budget-friendly solution by eliminating the need for expensive servers, networking, and software. Most importantly, it severely restricts the need for manual work and cuts down the need for staff overtime to manage schedules and answer patient queries regarding their appointment.

With the right healthcare management software, you can make your medical practice more efficient, organized, and cost-effective. Trust Tookan’s healthcare management software and take advantage of our user-friendly features and benefits including business analytics, real-time in-app chat, customer profile management, supply chain management, and more. Get in touch with our in-house experts to learn more about how Tookan can help you automate your medical practice and better manage it.

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