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How far technology can help you to track your delivery agents’ health after a permit pass?

By Tannu Sharma 7th April 2020

The restlessness among the world on the verge of COVID-19 outrage is nowhere to stop. In the rarest of situations, people are forced to stay quarantined in order to avoid the spread of the deadly virus. However, as we all know that show must go on! Making it practically implemented, many of the on-demand delivery businesses are still managing to offer doorstep delivery of essential commodities. 

If you are into such a business model, you must be knowing that with the help of Government authorities’ permission, you can serve your clients with your business, even in lockdown situations. To reduce the chaos, authorized agencies are offering e-pass to the delivery agents so that they can continue their delivery services at people’s doorstep. Isn’t it a relief for many?

Before we run into a happy conclusion about these extraordinary efforts of many, here is a glitch in the process that needs to be addressed quickly.

Curfew e-passes are offered to let people go and deliver the essential services; commodities to the society by holding the e-pass in their cellphones. There is a standard procedure of getting these delivery agents’ health status and travel history evaluated to rule out any possibility of virus presence. But, no one knows the after story of these e-passes holders! Confused?

Are you acquainted with the whereabouts of your delivery agents after offering them permit passes?

There are always two sides of the coin and in conditions such as today; one needs to keep in mind both the sides and its farthest consequences. Delivery agents are entitled to travel enormously to offer the doorstep delivery. We never know, when and which delivery agent would get suspicious contact with a virus carrier person. This might be the worst nightmare for our society where unknowingly the virus spread would continue and that too with e-pass.  Before moving ahead, here are certain questions that need to be answered:

  1. Are you able to track every moment of your delivery agent; when he is on the field?
  2. Are you able to review the health status of your delivery agent;  once he gets the work permit pass?
  3. Are you able to inform the concerned authorities about the unexpected spread of virus to your delivery agents?
  4. Are you able to track your delivery agents travel history; once they get contacted with a positive case?

If any of your answers is no; then you might think that you might be in big trouble.

Technology at your rescue;

Technology has been the biggest savior that is offering its solidarity to society in these tough times. Although, we have been taking technology help for years in one or other way but in the current situation, it has been the brightest ray of hope for all!

Safe Pass; is the solution to all your troubles that you might face in your delivery business while serving your clients in this COVID-19 time. It not only helps you to track your delivery agents’ current travel location but also offers you the chance to back-track the travel history of your agents; at the time of requirement.

Why your delivery business needs Safe Pass?

Because you are not at all ready to take any risk of becoming a reason to unknowingly support the spread of this contagious virus. Your business is meant to help the society during these hardships. E-passes are being offered with a trust and you will never want to shatter it at any cost.

Safe Pass will help in;

  • Making you aware about the existing and previous whereabouts of your agents
  • Facilitate your doorstep delivery business without any threat of contagious spread
  • Helps you to track down travel history of any suspected and confirmed case
  • Helps you to track down the contact history of the suspected and confirmed case

How Government and concerned authorities will get benefit with Safe Pass?

Safe Pass is doing its bit by offering an extended help to the concerned authorities. There are many ways via which Safe Pass can reduce the operational burden of the authorities:

Access to analytical report

The authorities can take a complete access to the analytic data of the travel history of the delivery agents. It helps in knowing the required details about the positive and non -positive agents. 

Offer important alerts to the public

As soon as the analytic report is accessed, the government or the concerned authorities could make the necessary alerts and can inform the residents where the agents had delivered the items before getting positive may be of the last 10 days.

Play your role;

Its time for you to act wisely and make sure that none of your actions can bring the spread of this deadly virus in our society. Play your role as a responsible citizen and oblige the society by choosing Safe Pass. Always remember; the journey might seem long but every footstep of yours will make a difference!

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