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How to start a dog washing business in 1 day?

By Tannu Sharma 17th June 2020

Humans share an affectionate relationship with their canine companions. If you belong to a pet-lover category, starting your own dog grooming business will be a win-win situation for you. Although, if your heart is still untouched by the paws of these fluffy creatures; give a try to this use case. You will immediately connect with them. 

Apart from emotional investment, there are certain financial benefits also. Pet-care is a  highly-rewarding billion-dollar industry. The daunting business can turn out to be rewarding, as long as you follow all the tasks in your checklist.

Still not convinced? Here’s our pitch for why you should start a dog grooming business: 

Why are groomers for pets in high demand? 

Dog washing and grooming is an essential part of dog care routine. Many pet-families face a shortage of time to clean and brush their dogs. This is why they always look for a dog grooming service center. 

As an entrepreneur, setting up a self-serve dog wash business may be the right choice. The demand for these facilities is increasing exponentially. People don’t mind spending huge money when it comes to taking care of their beloved dogs. 

Dog Washing business- Stats at a glance!

  • 5.7% surge in CAGR from 2019 to 2025
  • Expected revenue growth is USD 14.46 billion in 2025
  • The market size value is USD 10.92 billion in 2020
  • Pet ownership increases to 68% from 56% in households

P.S.: The stats showcase the levers of growth in setting-up a dog-washing business

Setting-up your own self-serve dog wash business 

Tapping into a dog wash business might sound fancy for many. But still, it is a daunting task where you need to concentrate on the key points. 

Brainstorm the concept

 Be sure that you know all the pros and cons before starting it. You need to nail the concept first. First, you need to pick a business model. Considering the on-demand services at your place of business, you might need to go ahead with extensive market research. You can either opt for a full-service business model or can choose a self-service business.

Choose a Franchise or build your own name

If you are not sure about how to begin, you can also choose to get a franchise of an existing business. The franchise people will train you and offer you all the sort of resources to set up a business. 

P.S.: We believe you should opt for an independent business, and the rest of the help, we will offer you. 

Go for an online marketplace business  

Dog washing business is a promising business that can offer profitable returns in less time. If you opt for going online with your business, the rate of success doubles. It eliminates the geographical constraints and lets your business reach out to the potential customers in one go. 

Looking to build a marketplace in 1 day? Let’s get in touch now and start earning with the successful launch of your marketplace business. You can now connect with online customers via building a marketplace website that can smartly showcase your services.

Finding a location for your store

This step also requires perfect market research to identify high-demand areas. We suggest that you choose an area where there is high traffic and visibility of your store location. This might increase the chances of getting walk-in customers too. 

Getting training and certifications 

Though technically it is not essential to own a certificate or go for a training course. But if you wish to professionally establish your name in the industry, you should own the certificates. It helps in legitimizing your work. 

Bottom Line

If you ask us about starting a dog grooming business, we would definitely give you a big thumbs up. Be sure about your decision, you are going to be a part of something fabulous. All you need is to put your foot in the right direction. Regardless of an awesome business idea, there are certain tech requirements to be addressed before getting started! We at Jungleworks, are happy to make your dreams turn into reality with our tech support. Get your business started with us!

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