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Helping hyper-local florists hang on: overcoming Last Mile Delivery Challenges

The advancements in technology have equipped today’s consumers with a myriad of easy information—accessing them with the knowledge they require to make their own decisions about their purchases. It’s now easy to find someone in practically no time to drive you away, do your laundry, give you an in-home makeover or deliver just about anything. Apart from all the services that on-demand economy provides, flower delivery is one area where this business model has substantially changed and improved over time.

Flower delivery service has made it easy for the customers to send a meaningful message via flowers. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, valentine’s day or any other random day, the world laughs in flowers every day with these on-demand services that ensure timely delivery and ultimately happy customer. On the other hand, as an independent florist will know, being a florist is hard – requiring early mornings, long shifts and little time off around major holidays and celebrations like New Year’s Eve, Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

Just setting up a stall with lots of flowers and hoping people will buy them is not the good idea. Nowadays, being the delivery florist means you have to face the problems of running a flower shop, like getting more customers to order and ordering the right stock, tracking the deliveries etc.

The difficulties faced by Florists:

• Purchasing flowers using Flower shops is a seasonal matter; this means that the flower purchase is mainly done during the holidays and towards special events, such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. Flower purchase towards the weekend is only 40% of the total turnover. This fact makes every regular weekday one without significant sales and therefore one with few profits.

• Flower prices change with the seasons. There are flowers which only blossom during specific seasons and under certain weather conditions. This fact makes the prices of the provided flowers fluctuate from time to time and makes the costs shop owners are required to invest change significantly.

• Another difficulty is the type of store. Having to open multiple stores to cater to new clientele is difficult, the clientele is minimal and there is no option of supplying orders from other parts of the country. When dealing with a flower shop chain the prices are relatively high to open new stores. This difficulty can be dealt with using online Flower shops.

Online flower shops do not need to invest in holding a regular inventory or paying rent, but on the other hand, not having a physical shop makes it hidden from the public’s eye. To reach the public’s domain they need to invest in building a website, its promotion, in timely deliveries, in business networking as well as in vigorous marketing.

Delivery Management in flowers delivery business!

Florists face problems since 60% of the online orders are scheduled to be delivered within 4-6 hours. And the shelf-life of the product being delivered is too low. Tookan delivery software provides all the essentials in one place that helps you spend less time in organizing your floral business and more time delighting your customers. With Tookan delivery software florists can imagine their online business with greater visibility. It can help your floral shop be more beneficial and cost-effective. It enables to get a glance of all the business operations from delivery to packaging to real-time tracking from a single dashboard. Along with these, it provides the following features as well

1.Multi-vendor application
2.Real-time updates
2.Order receiving app
4.Customer support service
5.Immediate notifications on each order update
6.Automate logistics
7.Easy Navigation and more


Get in touch with us [email protected] to understand the features and more.

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