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Happiness is… Growing with Top-Talent amid Tough Times

By Deepak Digwal 9th July 2020

Amid rising unemployment rates, visa suspensions, and furloughs, 2020 has left many professionals stranded with nowhere to turn to. Some companies did their bit by donating huge sums of money to collective government funds, where some were left with no choice but to slash their workforce due to unprecedented budget cuts. However, with proper planning and long-term objectives that are sustainable even in the eye of the storm, there are certain organizations like Jungleworks that still manage to hire top talent for their businesses. 

hire top talent for their businesses

Hire professionals to achieve organizational goals 

There is no shortage of skill and potential in today’s market. We see it on job boards and social platforms such as LinkedIn each day. Those who have access are certainly making good use of all this free, unencumbered time to upskill via MOOCs and other certifications in order to become better candidates for potential roles. 

Even during hard times, organizations have an eye out for talented individuals who are motivated and driven to perform. For instance, Jungleworks hired as many as 100 professionals in the last few months. Disrupting the system means a reset with novel skills, fresh ideas, and plans that bring about a revolution in the industry. This is a lucrative period for organizations to take a step back and reevaluate their human resource needs. 

Hire professionals to achieve organizational goals

Role of recruiters 

‘Business as usual’ is a thing of the past. Now, we know the importance of flexible work setups, hybridization of service, and the need for diverse hiring. Writers to tech experts offer transferable skills to organizations without limiting themselves to a niche. An organization that thrives on human resources offers a well-rounded environment that not only caters to individual client demands but pays attention to its people and their needs. role of recruiters

Grow together for a profitable tomorrow

Industries such as health, technology, financial services, and online marketplaces like Amazon are on hiring mode today for they are providing essential services with front-line workers. Although there is a big risk involved with a mysterious disease looming over our heads, with proper measures in place, there is no reason why companies cannot still hire new faces. Additionally, remote working and virtual meeting rooms are giving way to newer ways to integrate the workforce. 

A workplace may never be the same again and to ensure familiarity with this latest style of working in a hybrid office, it is all the more reason to hire today than wait for when the time is right. A pandemic is no reason to freeze hiring, rather it is a time to promote change within organizations with dedicated individuals at its helm. 

latest style of working

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