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Grow Your Business with Facebook Shops: Now Integrated with Yelo

By Radhika Jain 11th June 2020

If you want to be successful, you can’t sit back and wait for customers to come to you – reach out to them.

Small businesses are the heartbeat of our communities – and they are facing the challenge of a lifetime. This pandemic has made small businesses struggle the most and with most stores closing, businesses are choosing to digitize and bring their businesses online. 

Nonetheless, Business owners and managers are resilient and optimistic, finding new ways to reach their customers online, and making adjustments to how and when they do business.

Facebook has always been about connecting you to what you love. That means friends and family, but also products, brands and businesses. To make it easier for businesses to set up a single online store for customers (Instagram integrated), Facebook has introduced free and easy to create Facebook Shops.

We are honoured to announce that Facebook shops have been integrated with Yelo, which lets you set up your online stores on Facebook through your Yelo marketplaces.

How does it impact Yelo?

31% of owners and managers reported that their SMB is not currently operating.

For those who haven’t heard about Yelo, it is a SaaS-based technology which builds online marketplaces for traditional businesses. Yelo believes in launching businesses in the online world. It brings us one step closer to impact the lives of business owners, support them in their struggles and help them grow and climb the ladder of success. 

Waiting for the exciting part? Yelo’s existing clients can set up their marketplaces on Facebook shop without further ado while new clients can set up their marketplaces with Yelo in a day and get started. 

How to Set up your Business: The Complete Guide

1. Create a Business Facebook Page: First, you’ll need to create a business Facebook page. Google generally indexes pages more than profiles, which is why we suggest setting up a page. Click here (screenshot) to create a business page and add the Facebook page shop.

2. Set Up a Business Manager Account: Your Business Manager helps you manage all marketing activities across your business and with external partners. Click here (insert link) to create a Business Manager Account. 

3. Assign a Page to Business Manager Account: Create and assign a Page and Catalogue to the Admin on your Business Manager Account. You can add different types of users in your Business Manager based on your business needs. 

4. Developer Account: Next, you’ll need to convert your Facebook account to a Developer Account and register your app using the App Dashboard. This lets you access any of our products or APIs easily. You can do this at developers.facebook.com.

5. Create an App ID: Create an app ID to easily track key metrics and administer Facebook Pages for products.

6. Add System Users: Then you will need to add a System User and assign them the Admin access on the Business Manager Account.

7. Assign Assets in Business Manager: Adding people to assets in your Business Manager gives them access to Pages, ad accounts, catalogues and apps etc.. You can choose the level of permissions to give them after adding them.

9. Catalogue Manager: The Facebook catalogue has info about all the items you’re looking to sell. Open the Catalogue Manager and copy the Catalogue ID. Keep this handy.

10. Integrate Yelo and Facebook: Then, go to extensions on the Yelo Admin Dashboard and enable FB Shop integration to enable the Facebook shop to access your Yelo marketplace. It’ll redirect your clients to your marketplace after they select your product. 

11. Merchant Configuration: Go to a Merchant’s configuration and paste the Access Token and Catalogue ID there. To learn more, check out Access Token documentation. 

12. Linking Pages: Go to Catalogue Manager on your Facebook Business Manager. Click on your Catalogue > Use Cases > Get Started with Pages Shops and link your Page here.

How will Facebook Shops and Yelo help?

Setting up a Facebook store is now extremely easy:

  • Personalize the shopping experience by connecting with your customers instantly
  • Make it easier for your community to buy your products through facebook
  • Reach more customers around the world
  • Click on the ‘Store’ tab to look at all your products on one page.
  • Buy products directly in chat and track orders through Facebook analytics
  • Manage your products, track sales, and process orders in Yelo
  • Sync everything to display these changes in your Facebook Store

So what’s holding you back? Get going with your Facebook shop in a single click with Yelo.

If you enjoyed reading this, we’re sure you will also love checking out what we have in store on our Youtube channel. You can also head to our  home page for more info!

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