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GloriaFood Joins Hands With Tookan To Empower Online Food Deliveries

By Amarjot 6th May 2016

GloriaFood an online food ordering platform for restaurants

Rise of on demand economy has disrupted traditional industry value chains and revolutionized consumer behavior and expectations. Food delivery businesses in the on demand setup have a difficult goal to achieve – giving customers anything they want, anytime they want. GloriaFood, an online food ordering platform for restaurants, has joined hands with Tookan, a web and mobile based delivery management solution, to power restaurant owners achieve that goal.

Motivation behind the integration

The two critical customer touch points in the food delivery business include – order capture and order delivery. GloriaFood was already empowering numerous restaurant businesses to manage their online orders efficiently through their platform without charging high commission payments on every order. However, they saw that many of their clients were facing operational inefficiencies in the last mile delivery which was eating up lot many resources, making it difficult to scale operations and putting pressure on profit margins.

That is where GloriaFood and Tookan decided to join forces to provide capabilities to the restaurants to manage their own delivery fleet, as well as any third-party delivery service providers.

Creating Value for all stakeholders

Power to Restaurants

In the on demand era, winning operational challenges such as delivery, makes a big difference. Due to stiff competition in the food takeout industry, restaurants are trying hard to provide their customers with more flexibility, easy ordering, realtime tracking and automated notifications. With this integration with Tookan, restaurants using GloriaFood platform are now able to:

  • Create different dispatch and delivery teams that correspond to different restaurants
  • Electronically dispatch orders to the nearest and available delivery personnel in piecemeal or in bulk
  • Manage deliveries through a centralized dispatch or a distributed hub model
  • Provide mobile app to the delivery personnel through which they can accept delivery tasks, receive live routing information, confirm and receive electronic order receipt and easily communicate with customer through in app call or message
  • Track the delivery agents in real time and compare their performance through task performance metrics
  • Notify customers about the delivery status in real time through trigger based SMS and email notifications
  • Electronic invoice generation after the service delivery
  • Measure level of customer satisfaction through reviews and ratings
  • Maintain existing customer data and order history

Delighted Customers

Conventional consumer experience has undergone a radical change as companies like Uber, DoorDash, Postmates among others have brought ‘ instant gratification’ at the swipe of a finger. Customer-convenience centered value propositions powered by Tookan, allow the restaurants to provide an uber like experience in food delivery to their end customers, without building such platforms from scratch. This creates a growth ecosystem for the restaurants where happy customers bring more business and enhances the brand awareness. As per a research by Mckinsey, customer’s experience with brands matter profoundly because such experiences drive two-thirds of the decisions customers make while the prices often drive the rest.

Win Win Proposition for all

GloriaFood and Tookan’s integration ultimately makes the entire value chain more efficient and brings added value for everyone.

  • GloriaFood not only provides a convenient, simple and cost effective online ordering platform but also empowers the restaurants & their delivery personnel with the best tools available to manage last mile delivery
  • Restaurants gain as they get a fully integrated suite of services for their front end and back end operations, which allows them to focus on core activities and grow their business
  • Customers get an enriched and instant experience they crave for in the on demand era
  • Tookan brings industry leading delivery management solution to restaurant businesses at a fraction of the cost

Setting up Tookan – A simple, convenient process

The integration of Tookan with GloriaFood has brought a revolutionary change in the way restaurants operate, as now they can serve their customers right from the order placement to the order delivery at their location. Here is the step by step process of the integration and the associated workflow:

Signing up for Tookan:

1) Restaurant owner / manager first needs to create a Tookan account here.

2) The manager then needs to replace the access token at the end of the following link with its Tookan API key:


To extract your Tookan API key, go to Tookan admin account. Click on Menu > More > API Key.


2) Manager then has to submit the request with GloriaFood team for “Authorization token”, sending an email including the aforementioned link in the text.

3) Within 24 hours, the business manager will receive the “Authorization token” from GloriaFood, which he then needs to confirm to the Tookan Support team. The restaurant can then start taking online orders from the customers, which will be automatically added to its Tookan account.

User Workflow:

1) Customer selects the food items for delivery from the online menu available on the website of the restaurant and places delivery order at the checkout page

select the food items


2) A quick notification with all the order details is sent to the business manager of the restaurant for his/her acceptance.

quick notification


3) Once accepted, the order is automatically added to the restaurant’s Tookan account and is available on the Tookan dashboard.

restaurant’s Tookan account


4) Admin can either manually assign tasks to the delivery agent or can use the Auto assignment feature to pick the most suited field worker for the job based on parameters such as distance, batch, availability etc.

Auto assignment feature


5) Delivery agents can see various tasks from the dispatcher on their Tookan agent app



6) An interactive map view guides the delivery agent to the customer location.



7) Customers are informed with SMS & email notifications as soon as the delivery starts along with the expected time of arrival. 


8) Once the customers open the notification link, they can call or message the delivery agent as well as see a real-time map view of the agent’s current location.

notification link


9) Customers can add signatures / notes to confirm the receipt of the delivery order on the app.

add signatures


10) After the delivery is done, customers can rate the service and provide feedback.

rate the service and provide feedback.


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