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Fun things to do during the lockdown:- Jungleworks shares its story

By Devika Dahiya 17th April 2020

As the lockdown period continues, some of us must be growing restless working from home, sitting at home and realising how we took everything around us for granted. I am sure, we all are hoping that things get back to normal soon and have somehow managed for all these weeks.

Staying positive is very important and we feel now is the best time when we all can unwind from our daily monotonous routine and add positivity around us.

While doing something constructive would be on everyone’s agenda, we all at, Jungleworks would like to share our story, as a family, i.e. the Jungleworks employees, who are engaged in fun activities at home, other than working towards maintaining a positive spirit during this time of crisis.

  1. Playing old schools games with family: Families are coming back to old school board games when it comes to indoor games. Many of them have started playing poker, ludo, scrabble, carrom etc as an alternative to popular online games. It’s delightful to see that during these times indulging in such games have bought families together and has also helped in lightening the mood around them.

  2. Taking care of health:
    “Happiness is the highest form of health”- Dalai Lama
    Following these golden words, we at Jungleworks are focussing on taking care of our health and the health of our family members as well. Many of us are opting for yoga, meditation and various forms of physical activities and have also started online dance classes where we all enjoy together.
    While working towards health and happiness many women are also opting for home remedies and pampering their skin and hair by giving in to natural beauty treatments at home.
  3. Indulging with nature: A silver lining to the crisis has been the fact that nature is restoring its balance, the air has never been this cleaner, rivers have become less polluted and this is one of the best time for nature lovers to indulge with nature. Many people have started their kitchen garden, some are experimenting with garden art and few have also indulged in the all-time fun activity of maintaining their gardens and lawns.
  4. Community tombola/Gali music:  Many of our employees are also helping their communities to survive this period of lockdown. We have started Community Tambola which has become a rage, as it has brought back the old times of sense of engagement and belongingness among families and neighbors living around each other.
  5. Cooking & baking with loves ones: One great thing about being home is that you can finally spend time cooking together or trying out new recipes. A lot of couples are trying their hands on baking either as a loving gesture to give a helping hand to their loved ones or as an unexplored hobby.
  6. Connecting with families & friends virtually: A lot of us are still away from home due to the travel ban and the only medium we have to stay connected to our family & friends is through video & audio calls. Many of us are reconnecting with our old friends & families and reliving the old memories, which is great therapy in its own way.
  7. Playing with pets: According to a research study by Meghan Mueller, Junior Professor at Cummings School “Contact with pets help reduce stress and anxiety, particularly when you are experiencing a stressful situation”.
    Leading from the top, our CEO & Founder, Mr Samar Singla, a passionate pet lover is spending quality time taking care & playing with his dogs. For a lot of people, this is serving a great stress buster and a great physical exercise.
  8. Upcycle old clothes or accessories: When it comes to clothing, women have a wardrobe full of them. Several women are updating, reusing or upcycling their old clothes and accessories. This is also helping them to clean & organise their wardrobe, which I am sure must have been on their “To-do list” for a long time.

    Now that you know a lot of ways to use your spare time during the coronavirus shutdown, go ahead, pick a few things, and encourage others to do the same.

#Stayhome #StayPositive #StaySafe

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