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Food Delivery Industry: Making Way For The Niche

By Akshat Bansal 6th July 2018

I don’t like it when people take food delivery business off of my plate, OK?

The challenge in food delivery isn’t just delivery itself. The world is moving toward finding convenience and getting food delivered to their doorstep. It brings up even more difficulties for food delivery startups to deliver food at the customer’s doorstep within the time limit. It involves operations of preparing food, packing food and delivery of food within 60 minutes. This is not all, your competitors might be offering the same service at the same or lower price in lesser time.

Food Delivery

New startups are in the race to capture the markets and customers across Asia, Europe, the Middle East and America with the winning prize as an investment and high valuation. Geeso is like the tortoise in a race with the hare; slowly and steadily capturing the food delivery industry in their own way. Over 17 million consisting of more than 6% of the total US population are Asians. Starting the food delivery business with Asians as the target audience can be a good start. 6% seems small but it has the potential to create a new niche market for food delivery business. One can’t see a lot of authentic Asian restaurants on food delivery applications.

Gesoo catering to only the Asian population in the US with more than 200,000 active users ordering food at least twice a week. California, Texas and New York are the most promising cities in the US for Asian food as these are the most populated cities of US. Tapping the niche market will create the loyal following for the brand.

Most of the population these days speaks of only three ethnicity – Mexican, Italian and Chinese. It’s absolutely fine but its time in the food industry to change the trend and appreciate the food from other countries too with the help of the food delivery software.

The food industry is very cost sensitive. It’s hard to find the suppliers who offer stock which is economical also. Hiring the cooking staff is even tough or training the staff to make dishes which aren’t served in the usual restaurants are even tougher. Overcome these challenges, the solution might vary depending upon the targeted audience or market. As a result, the potential by targeting niche market will be rewardful.

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