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Fleet Management Softwares: Empowering Logistics

By Samriddhie Taneja 16th February 2018

If you have more than two company vehicles, you have a fleet. And as with all business components, fleets need managing. Fleet management is basically the optimization of costs, risks and efficiency in fleet operations. Many organizations rely on fleet managers to control costs, maximize profitability, and reduce risks of their fleet vehicles.

Fleet Management can be summarized into five main fields:  1) Operational Cost-Effectiveness, 2) Vehicle Maintenance, 3) Driver/Workforce Management, 4) Vehicle Safety & Compliance and 5) Operational Efficiency. Since these fields are all interrelated, it gives us the opportunity to create a single rich-data solution for tackling all areas of fleet management. With a seamless fleet management software in hand, you can address multiple issues and tasks at once.

One of the most fundamental components in fleet management is vehicle tracking. Modern technology in the form of GPS tracking devices has made tracking and diagnostics much more efficient and easier, leading to far more efficient fleet management overall. Vehicle trackers allow  fleet managers to know exactly where every vehicle in the fleet is and the opportunity to plan the most efficient routes using route optimization and reduce waiting time for customers, hence, making their experience with the brand better. Vehicle tracking also introduces safety and crime prevention elements. This is particularly important if the fleet operates in more remote areas and can mean a far more rapid response to an emergency system.  The tracking is made way simpler with the fleet management software.

A fleet management software enables people to accomplish a series of specific tasks in the management of any or all aspects relating to a company’s fleet of vehicles. These specific tasks encompass all operations from vehicle acquisition to disposal. Your fleet management software should essentially offer a manager dashboard and a driver’s app to help connect fleet managers to vehicle drivers. Fleet management app/dashboard for managers is to monitor delivery requests, real-time status, routes, driver’s activities & client’s reviews. The Drivers App would help them see all current & future destinations, pick smart routes, receive communication alerts and mark delivery closures. A good fleet management software would also monitor fleet status real-time on google maps. You should also allow your clients to share reviews in an easy, quick & non-intrusive way. Manage ratings for various fleet orders and fleet drivers to make a brand out of your business, thereby, making best use of the fleet management software.

If you’re looking out to create your own fleet management software to make your logistics more efficient, you can reach out to us by sending us a quick inquiry and our experts will be more than happy to assist you!

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