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E-book: On-demand economy: A short-term trend or a high-time revolution

Learn how fast the on-demand economy is growing and what benefits it can reap for your business from our free e-book

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ebook Jungleworks
ebook Jungleworks

This E-book will help you answer

  • What is an on-demand economy?
  • How is the on-demand economy revolutionizing commercial behavior in cities around the world?
  • Is it a bubble, short-term trend, hyper-growth, or a high-time revolution?
  • Why is the on-demand economy expanding at such a rapid pace? (facts and figures)
  • How is the business world being disrupted by the on-demand economy?
  • How can the on-demand economy impact your business?
  • Major industries propelling the on-demand economy (with stats).
  • How you can take advantage of this boom?
  • And, easiest ways to set up and sell your on-demand business

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