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Flightmap: One Mapping & Navigation Solution For All Your Business Needs

The online delivery market size has grown leaps and bounds since the pandemic. This eBook offers you insights into online delivery businesses and guides you on navigating maps and integrating different business solutions with the help of API services.

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This e-Book will help you answer:

  • Why are online delivery businesses growing rapidly?

  • How can an efficient online delivery service help you gain maximum profits?

  • Which software can help you navigate maps to run a smooth online delivery business?

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What you will find in this e-book

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  • An overview of the recent trends in online delivery businesses.
  • Statistics on the increasing demand of the online delivery businesses.
  • Why API services are necessary for an ideal online delivery business.
  • What essential features you should look for in API services.
  • Why you should use Flightmap for API services instead of Google Maps
  • How you can customize maps and routes by using Flightmap API.

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Is it really free?
Yes, this e-book is free. We’re sharing information about the latest business trends to help your business flourish.
How does the algorithm of Flightmap work?
The algorithm is specific to the region, in general, the Point of interest is converted to latitude and longitude and search address based on the same
How does Flightmap calculate your Estimated time of arrival(ETA)?
We have a database with records existing data of vehicle movement on roads and an algorithm is run to determine what is the average speed of the vehicle and also taking into the evaluation of the existing vehicle movement
How to remove Point Of Intrest (POI) from the Flightmap?
We have a feedback form integrated into the FlightMap dashboard which allows the customer to do the following activities:
Add, Fix, rename, remove.
How to highlight any area boundary on Flightmap?
We can perform this activity via the design studio When designing apps with location, you often need to capture location in context. This can be a specific city, place of interest, or zoom levels like street-level or nation-level detail. The Figma plugin, Mapsicle, allows you to do just that.
How does TomTom compare to Flightmap?
TomTom doesn’t provide regional search and also it is 12 times costlier than Flightmap