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How Practo became the one-stop solution for all healthcare services?

This ebook helps you gain information about the online healthcare services offered by Practo and its various business models. It also tells you how you can build your health-tech portal to become the next Practo.

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ebook Jungleworks
ebook Jungleworks

This e-book will help you answer:

  • How does Practo integrate online healthcare services for patients?
  • How does Practo generate revenue through its various business models?
  • Why should you use software solutions to provide online healthcare services?
  • What should you do to become the next Practo?

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What you will find in this e-book

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  • Introduction to the growing trend of availing remote healthcare services
  • What different medical services are provided by Practo.
  • Various revenue-generating platforms and services by Practo
  • Benefits of using software to offer online medical services
  • Different online channels to provide health services.
  • Necessary features to build an online health portal like Practo
  • How you can be the next leader in online healthcare services

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