Everything You Need To Know About Creating A Successful On-demand Delivery App.

Here is your step-by-step guide to launching an on-demand service app with an in-depth analysis of business models and unique features.

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This e-book will help you answer:

  • What is an on-demand service?

  • Why is the on-demand delivery service so successful?

  • What are the must-have features to include in on-demand delivery apps?

What you will find in this e-book

  • - Overview of On-demand Delivery Service.
  • - Why is the On-demand delivery service so popular in recent times?
  • - What are the factors that have helped on-demand delivery service to be successful?
  • - What is the business model and source of revenues?
  • - What are the features that can enhance the on-demand delivery app?
  • - Which are the smart tools that you need, and how Tookan can help?

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No, the ebook is free to download for everyone. It is an attempt to share valuable knowledge on on-demand delivery service with as many people as we can.