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Digital Fitness Consultancy Marketplace – The New Normal Workplace to Set Your Fitness Career Goal

By Tannu Sharma 1st June 2020

When we say “new normal” – we talk about life in and after the lockdown period. With the global economy plummeting, many professions have come to a standstill. Though many efforts are being done at full pace worldwide, the road to recovery is still long.

online fitness consultancy

The conventional ways of businesses have switched to meet the current demands. In continuation of the transition, the decision of pulling the strings on digital opportunities gets appreciation. 

For the fitness industry, the revival from the months-long dry business is challenging.  Gyms and fitness trainers are subject to bear the brunt of what the whole world is going through!

How digital fitness sessions can help in staying in touch with your clientele?

While stepping into the discussion, we must know about digital fitness sessions.  These sessions help in nurturing a “fitness connection” with your clients. Do you remember when was the last time you spoke to your customers? Maybe before the lockdown! But, transiting the fitness consultation from the gym to a mobile device can reconnect with your lost connections. When the world is ready to switch to the new normal, why are you still in doubt?

Online fitness consultancy via marketplace- How far it can support your fitness sessions?

Let us get straight to the fact: nothing in the world could replace the in-person contact of two individuals. But, owing to the current situation – the least we can do is recreate the experience through a digital fitness platform

A digital fitness marketplace can help you with the same. You can keep your fitness career on your toes, even in these gloomy times. Looking at the unnerving situations, even your customers would prefer to go ahead with online fitness classes.  Sounds convincing! Now, let’s unwrap the exclusive features of switching your fitness consultant to an online marketplace. 

Real-time audio/ video sessions

You can carry on with your fitness sessions either via pre-recorded videos or can switch live mode to train your clients. The virtual sessions would help you to train as well as inspect your client’s performing particular set of exercises.

Schedule your online fitness sessions

To make sure you never miss out on any chance to arrange your availability for your customers, you can now schedule your online fitness sessions in an online marketplace and keep your customers informed about the same. 

Notification alerts to your clients

Keeping your clients engaged and motivated through digital sessions will become easier with time to time notification alerts. Switch your consultancy to the online marketplace and keep sending push messages, emails, and alerts to your clients. It will help you connect with them. 

Are you ready to fit in the requirements of the new normal of the fitness industry?

This current time has been harsh on all. We understand how tough it is to accept the uncertainty of the situation. And to manage the finances altogether. But, as we always heard- “where there is a will, there is a way”!  And we do not want you to lose hope when it comes to rescuing your profession in these tough times. 

Your fitness career awaits a massive jump with a digital transition. Have you thought about what it takes to fit in the shoes of today’s requirements? Picking up a smart online platform to kickstart your digital fitness career. It can make things work in your direction. 

online fitness consultancy

Panther – An online marketplace that transforms the dream into reality

Getting a fitness consultation marketplace that helps in connecting with your clients- can help you to kickstart your fitness career on a digital platform.  Here are the different features of Panther – online marketplace that must know!

Get a data-driven insight into your business 

Analytical reports; showcasing about your performance; your earnings and number of total sessions are taken- can help in allowing you to create a roadmap for your business.

Smart payment channel integrations

 We do not want you to keep chasing your payments. To ensure that easy and swift payments are made; Panther offers seamless payment experience through its multiple channels integrations. 

Customize your digital workspace

This is your workplace – own it completely! From choosing a better theme that suits your taste to let you customize every section of the marketplace; Panther makes you the ultimate boss! 

Looking for more reasons to make a decision?

Let us get into a quick conversation and figure out what suits best to your fitness career!

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