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Data Collection Made Effortless And Fun

By Ramneet Singh 4th April 2016


Nowadays, customers can gain immediate access to the information relevant to distinct business services, products, and suppliers anywhere and anytime. This is why, customer insight is crucial for the growth and profits of a business. Accurate data collection can offer valuable insight into the behaviour and requirements of your business customers, but it is no walk in the park.

Businesses that know how to merge product development and customer feedback together using effective data collection methods will be the ones entitled for solid competitive advantages, customer loyalty, and maximum satisfied customers.

Importance of Data Collection

Data collection carries a huge importance because it acts as a medium for business owners to get their customers’ insights, needed to improve their business that includes services, products, and overall customer experience.

Data collection is essential for every type of business, and its customer survey aspect holds most importance. Here are some factors that certainly prove the importance of data collection for a business:

  • Improved product or service – Focusing towards the needs of your customers is the only way to ensure the development of a service or product, which customers actually want to go for. The feedback from customers collected through data collection is commonly used in the whole process of product development in order to ensure that the final product is the one which can resolve and meet the customers’ problems and needs. A plethora of innovative companies globally are counted amongst the best firms, when it comes to not only creating products in accordance with the requirements of their customers, but also surpassing their expectations.
  • Customer satisfaction measurement – Measuring customer satisfaction can assist you in determining that whether your business product or service can fulfill customer expectations, or not. The surveys for gathering customer feedback help you get familiar with the customer satisfaction measurement. They can be executed using email, in person, through phone, or even from the inside of a website or mobile app. Rating-based questionnaire for measuring customer satisfaction will aid you to track and monitor how satisfied (or unsatisfied) your customers are over a span of time.
  • Positive customer experience via actionable insight Enhancing the experience of customer should be the key reason for gathering feedback from customers. In today’s competitive business world, the process of attracting new customers and retaining the existing ones is becoming harder and harder. Providing amazing experience that keeps your customers visiting back and referring their near and dear ones to you is the best way that enables you to stand out from the crowd. For this, you need to know the needs of your customers, and then use that insights to deliver them personalized as well as consistent experience.
  • Enhanced customer retention For a business, the direct line of communication with customers is customer feedback. It is essential to determine their experience about the product or service that your business offers before you lose them as your customers. A happy customer is known as a retained customer, and you can ensure this by requesting your customers to participate in data collection process regularly. If a customer faces issues or receives a chance to be at a better place, then they will surely begin looking for better options, and it is more than a possibility that they will cancel the contract, or withdraw themselves from continuing business with you. 
  • Tangible data for better business decisions – The best business decisions are taken on the basis of solid in-hand data. Many a times, businesses opt for big risks based on inaccurate data. Customer feedback is considered as the holy grail of tangible data. Through data collection, you can gather actual insight of what your customers really think and feel about your service, or product. You can guide your business and marketing decisions using their feedback. Customers’ suggestions are important and you must listen to them because it is only them who are there as your livelihood.



Developing an effective data collection strategy for your business or organization is not at all an easy task to accomplish. An organization demands persistence, trial & error, and a cultural modification in order to become a data-driven, information-centric one.

A myriad of businesses are still far away from understanding the concept of data collection. Many of these face the difficulty of understanding the enormous data gathered through data collection task. As the competition in the communication industry is increasing with each day passing by, many businesses fail to continue with their efforts of focusing on consumer satisfaction, and emphasizing on field workforce improvement for efficient service or product delivery.

A lot of businesses miss the chance to recognize the issues faced by their customers, measure issue impacts and address them for improvement. Even though a number of businesses know the potential for improved data collection process and increased customer satisfaction, a major barrier faced by them is the expense associated with the development of effective strategies.

With this in mind, the primary key to support an investment is to rectify the issues of customers and this is only possible through in-depth data collection.


An effective and measurable solution for these challenges is the field-based assessment which works with customers and resolves their issues to improve the services and deliver complete customer satisfaction.

To follow this approach, a team should identify major issues, measure impacts, while quantifying improvement value to prioritize solutions. This approach comprises three phases that include Data Collection, Data Entry, and Data Analysis. One way to do this is to collect data on predefined pick-up or delivery tasks and activities.

Data collected through this, helps a business to complete a comprehensive analysis, including the measurement of field workforce performance standards, identification of customers’ problems, and recognition of opportunities for improvement. Such focus on measurable results offers a quantified solution with data findings, recommendations, and filled business gaps.

So, it is must to get the feedback from both satisfied and unhappy customers to ensure they have a better experience that results in more business from them.

Final Verdict

Customer feedback should be kept at the top of the pile and never outsourced. Gathering feedback from customers can play a drastic role in improving your business, service, product, and the most important aspect for a business, customer experience.

By focusing on customer survey in data collection process, you can achieve valuable insight from the minds of your customers and get to know about their thinking for your product or service. Through this approach, you will get to realize that how it is considered as the most vital component of a successful business.

It plays a major role in creating a product that customers want to buy, and delivering an experience that lands right on their expectations, resulting in keeping them coming back for more. The only thing you need to remember is that there is no limit when it comes to customers feedback – the more the better! 

Check out this field workforce management tool that allows you to gather actionable insight from your customers.

How Tookan Can Be An Ideal Choice For Data Collection

Tookan is completely familiar with the concept of data collection and how it is a crucial step in the process of evaluating and measuring business program outcomes. Through these measured outcomes, a business can identify the value and effectiveness of its programs in a better way, while recognizing the pinpoints, where improvements or modifications are needed to be made. Valid and reliable data acts as the backbone of program analysis, and we understand this in a huge way.

The “Custom Fields” feature by Tookan allows you to collect the needed customer information in a form, which is specific to your business. You can develop a number of custom templates according to your requirement and also add numerous custom fields in them as needed. It depends upon you if you want to allow any kind of input from your agent as per the needs, and also mark a particular field, mandatory.

In this case, agents will have to fill the field in order to get the tasks done. Below are the input types that can help you customize the data collection process in accordance with your requirements:

    • Checkbox 
    • Checklist
    • Date (Future, Past, and Time)
    • Date-time (Future and Past)
    • Dropdown
    • Email
    • Image
    • Number
    • Telephone
    • Text
  • URL 

You can add as many as needed input types in the created custom templates which allow your fleet to gather valuable data from your customers. Upon creating a template, you can add it in a new task therefore, offering you more fields. You can share these custom fields with your agents/drivers in the app thus, providing them required additional information. 

Upon the completion of task, the same tracking link turns into a feedback page. Customer also receives an email and SMS with a link, requesting for the feedback. In addition, customers can give star rating based upon their experience and also leave comments. 

All of these options can help you get all the required customer feedback in an easy and effective manner, and the best part is that you can do this while efficiently managing your complete field workforce.   

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