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Customer Demands Support Not Excuses

By Navneet Kaur 11th April 2019

Sorry for the inconvenience caused we will surely help you…
But does the help really comes or these are just statements used by customer support reps to stroll the customer?

We all must have some bad customer support experience and to be honest, I am currently going through one because of an electronic device I brought a month ago. All that they are doing is moving me from one customer support rep to another and each one of them is telling me the same story over a two hours call, then trying to understand the exact pain area.

This kind of service makes a customer more frustrated and certainly surprised because when they buy a product or service, they read about it everywhere and have some set of expectations from the business.

So, what’s going wrong with companies? They are failing to retain their existing clients with the help of a customer support platform that directly affects brand reputation and the trust of a customer in the business. What a customer wants from you is, “to do what you have said you would do and if you can’t, they expect you to make it right“.

What does Customer want?

Today customers are exposed to enormous information. Whenever they are planning to buy a product or service, they will surf the internet and will dig deep into information.  Think of any recent purchase you’ve made. Have you done any research and asked your friends about their experience with the brands? The answer is Yes, right? So that’s the point where the customer expectation is set.

So, we have to make sure that the information that goes out about the business from our team or our stakeholders or our viewers should create a positive impact on our existing and potential clients.

Customer Service is all about meeting the customer expectations which will further reflect the customer experience with the business and that will be only constructive if we thrive to meet those set of expectations as mentioned below:

Quick information: Customers want real-time support and fast resolution to all their queries. A little delay in information or resolution will make them impatient and that will immediately sow the seed of doubt in the mind of the customers.

Seamless Journey: They want a journey that is not repetitive in nature. In other words, they don’t want to have a different point of contact and repeat the same story to a new agent. According to the survey, 71% desire a consistent experience across any channel, but only 29% receive it.

Personalized experience: Nowadays customers expect that the customer support executive should deal with them in a more personalised manner. They want to be addressed with their names and when it comes to giving suggestions or recommendations, they expect the support team to be proactive on the basis of their past history.

Access to information: We have to make sure that we are empowering our customers with the basic information for self-help. Customers don’t want to be dependent on customer support for every little information or issue they are trying to fix. Guide books, demos, videos are perfect examples of it.

Multiple support channels: Customers are present on different channels and read about your business everywhere. They want to connect with your support team via different platforms like Email, Messenger etc.

How can we achieve it?

When it comes to customer satisfaction, I would suggest you think of the events which made you comfortable with your favourite grocery store, some favourite fashion brand or maybe a small vendor outside your door. What is that factor for which you go back to them time and again? I am sure you must have some points in your head that you are realizing now.

Well, that’s how deep-rooted good customer service is, and you don’t even realize how some random store or some website will become your favourite unknowingly or unintentionally. It’s the power of good customer support service that a customer will be ready to pay more money for good service.

So, it’s our responsibility to make sure that if a customer comes to us, we give them flawless customer support without the fail.

Having a customer support platform is not an option now, it is a survival tool that every business should have. A good platform will not only make your existing customers happy and satisfied but will also help you in acquiring new customers for the business. But how do we choose the best suitable customer support platform for our business? So, let’s have a look at the below-mentioned features of a good customer support platform:

Live Chat Support: Every customer wants that their queries are resolved at the earliest without any hassle. Live chat customer support will help the customer to come, explain their queries to the support agent and get them instantly resolved.

Custom Bots: Bots are gaining popularity in customer support because they can not only do first-level queries or frequently asked questions but can help in lead generation. Custom bots reduce the workload on your team and are proactive when it comes to supporting the customer.

Integrations: Bringing your customers to your chat support not only boosts your sales but also makes you accessible from different platforms and consolidates your information in one place. Customers feel comfortable when they have options to reach your support team.

Video & Voice calls: Connecting with customers over voice calls and video calls reduces the query resolving time because the customer support executive can understand the query better and can give the resolution for the same with a screen sharing session.

Analytics: A good support platform will not only help you boost your sales or customer satisfaction but also will give you data about your team performance like average time of response, individual agent performance etc. This will help you focus on your strengths and work on the area of improvement.

Having a good customer support tool with all the above-mentioned features is vital and you need to make sure that the software you are buying should not only come with all these features but it is also important that it gives your customers an experience that they never want to trade for. So, I recommend Hippo which not only fits your requirements but is also very pocket-friendly.

So, let’s make your customers happy and satisfied with “Hippo”.

If you enjoyed reading this, we’re sure you will also love checking out what we have in store in our resources. You can also head to our home page for more info!

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