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Coronavirus Panic To Offer Potential Growth Opportunities To On-demand Grocery Business

By Tannu Sharma 19th March 2020

The horror story of the Coronavirus epidemic has already created a great panic around the world. People are getting anxious about the sudden unfolding of events and are worried about the future. 

When human lives are at a high stake of getting an infection from this deadly virus, people are subjected to keep themselves distanced from others. In such a hurricane, it is quite difficult for many of the businesses to find their sustainability in the market. However, a few businesses have got a golden opportunity to expand on the context of people refraining from coming out of their homes.

on-demand grocery business

The shelves of Grocery Stores

The epidemic crisis has created much of a struggle for the people. Even the Grocery stores are finding it difficult to get out of this panic as people are still fearing out to come to a crowded place. After several self-regulatory rules such as fixing the time for people to shop, offering sanitized shelves to place the grocery, and letting people shop with covered faces, there is still a drop in sales in the grocery business.

However, contrary to offline grocery shopping, experts in the market have believed that online grocery stores have a high potential of sparking their business sales in the current situation.

How? What about the Risks?

When the world is already getting upside down because of such a pandemic situation, everyone is looking out for an alternative to normalizing their business operations to some extent. Shifting the offline grocery stores to online grocery stores is one such progressive and result-driven alternative that can give a better spike to the current sales. 

On-demand grocery business

Online Grocery Stores- The best way to sale Grocery

If you are worried and are stressing again and again about how you are going to take your grocery business in such a crisis, it’s time for you to relax. Drift your offline grocery store to the online store and make your sales number skyrocketing as the earlier.

The practical approach to sustain the online grocery business is to meet the demands of the customers via an online platform and then making sure that your products reach them with zero contact.

This might seem an impossible task for many as grocery orders always come in a bulk. But if you take the assistance of perfect delivery management software and make your online grocery services live, you will see the visible difference in no time.

Things to start your online grocery store

Unlike the running of a physical store for your grocery business where you need to focus from scratch till the end, an online grocery store requires only a smart decision of yours. 

You must be requiring: 

  • A perfect marketplace where you can showcase your grocery items
  • A delivery management software to track your orders
  • A group of delivery agents/ service agents

And you are good to go! Surprised! Yes, that is true. Make a single decision of picking up a delivery management software that can help you to-get the orders, automate their tracking, and ensuring last-mile delivery, and you are all set to launch your online grocery business. 

How Online Grocery stores can sustain Coronavirus impact?

There are several ways that explain why online grocery stores are a better option rather than an offline grocery store in the context of Coronavirus spread:

  1. No need to wait for your customers to step out and continue the grocery shopping
  2. Easy to get the grocery order without encouraging people visiting your shop
  3. Can offer hygiene-controlled and on-time delivery of the grocery items
  4. If required, we can offer the delivery via zero human contact. ( Delivery agents could simply drop- off the delivery bags at the doorstep)
How Online Grocery stores can sustain Coronavirus impact?

Tookan-  Your Partner To Deal With Corona Crisis

The race to win and overcome this epidemic is quite long. We need to empower each other to ensure that no stone is unturned to get ourselves away from the impact of this Coronavirus at the earliest. 

To make sure your grocery business remains intact and is back to its normal operations, get in touch with the Tookan team. We will help you to strengthen your fight against Coronavirus without impacting any reduction in your business growth. Always remember, business decisions taken at the right time can make the time right for your business. 

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