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Choose the best delivery management platform: Tookan, Onfleet, Bringg, GetSwift, Routific, Dispatch

By Tanvir Singh 6th June 2018

Delivery services are one of the game-changers of a business. There are multiple segments that contribute to making delivery management software apt for a business user. In spite of any of the business models you follow, you need to make sure your delivery management software stays compatible with your ongoing business demands.

From taking care of prompt route via route optimization software to allowing a business to have proper proof of delivery, a business needs everything to take care of. This can be taken care of easily with the help of efficient delivery management software.

There are several proficient delivery management software that is available in the market and offer streamlined processes. To make the correct choice between the varied options, we have shortlisted top of the available delivery management software that can help you to take a wiser decision. 

Here is the list of the top delivery management software and their offerings: 

  1. Onfleet: Delivery management software providing the easiest way to manage and analyze your local delivery operations. Onlfeet’s end-to-end route planning, dispatch, communication, and analytics platform handles the heavy lifting so that businesses can focus more on their customers.
  2. Bringg: Bringg is a Logistics management platform that helps businesses achieve efficiency across their entire delivery ecosystem. It helps in solving problems related to supply chain management by bringing data solutions to the world of logistics and delivery. Bringg digitizes, Optimizes and automates business operations for maximum throughput and exceptional customer experience.
  3. GetSwift: Delivery management system with real-time route optimization software and tracking in a smart, simple interface. It syncs up very well with all types of the delivery business. It also allows organizations to add, subtract or tweak a feature as per their needs.
  4. Routific: Route planner for any business that makes pickups, deliveries, or multiple stops a day. It automates your delivery operations which in turn improves time efficiency and also cuts down the costs and fuel usage.
  5. Dispatch: Field service management platform that powers modern service experiences with an intuitive platform to assign, manage, and communicate service details automatically.
  6. Tookan: Delivery and logistics management platform focussing on improving delivery services with automated dispatch & delivery, multi-stop route planning, and real-time tracking for workforce management.

The Comparison:

Comparison between top delivery management platforms

What makes Tookan, the ultimate choice for the best delivery management software of 2021?

Many of you might wonder why you should choose Tookan as your next delivery management software for 2020. To make it more transparent, we have listed the exclusive features of Tookan that others miss. 

Keep it light on your pocket

When you opt for delivery management software in 2021, the first thing you must think about is how much investment one needs to begin with. Now, comparing the cost of Tookan’s starting basic plan to bring competitors and the like, we will get to know that figures are quite low to kickstart with. 

Yes, that’s true! In spite of having all the advanced and custom-based scalability features in it, Tookan’s basic plan is almost less than half of the amount, that others in the market would charge you!


Pay as you wish

Now catering to every individual business’s demands, there are certain key points that Tookan takes care of. One among them is the flexible pricing option that comes with it. Unlike other delivery management software, you can choose a pricing plan for Tookan that suits your pocket. 


Keep the forever free plan

Who in this world can offer you a forever free platform to do your business? You might say; no one! But hold on, this is not true with Tookan. Tookan is the one and only proficient delivery management software that can give your business the opportunity to keep on growing with a better ROI and that too without charging a single penny for it!

Getting Tookan as your next delivery management software means

  • Reducing the risk of losing your customers
  • Reducing the risk of mismanagement of work operations
  • Reducing the risk of losing your service agents
  • Reducing the risk of late deliveries

Wrapping Up: 

In conclusion, we can say that among the most glorious delivery management software introduced in the market, picking up the best is a wiser choice. Depending on the target segments, the requirements of your customers, you need a flexible option. Tookan is one of the most appreciable platforms that offer the best delivery management software. 

Having high flexibility in allowing a business to experience seamless delivery options, Tookan is your one-stop solution.

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