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How FeelJoy Transformed its Mental Health Consultation Platform with Panther

By Zeba Yasmeen 8th October 2021

The Global Mental Health App Market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of around 24% from 2020 to 2027 and reach a market value of over US$ 3.7Bn. Those are really staggering figures!

These numbers give us two key insights about mental healthcare. 1) That more and more people need help in dealing with their mental health issues, and 2) There are ample opportunities for others to help people out while venturing into one of the most revolutionary business models of all time. Statistics clearly say that demand is on the rise. And with the increasing awareness of mental health services, businesses are launching their own mental health consultation platforms to match up that demand.

And those are not just words! FeelJoy, a mental healthcare app that intends to build amazing products for mental wellbeing, is our case in point. Their motto – We are Designing for Humanity! struck a cord with us and we at Panther take designing very seriously. Well everything from thinking, building, designing to delivering the most robust and reliable solutions to our partners. At Panther, we help business owners and entrepreneurs to start and grow their online consultation business.

With Panther, you can create your own consultancy business in no time. We understand your concerns and the challenges involved in complete rollout of an online healthcare platform. Therefore, to make sure our clients get what they want with an assurance, here is a case study of one of our successful clients.

Brief Overview of Our Client – FeelJoy


FeelJoy is a renowned online consultation platform for mental health well-being, that has been designed to empower you to improve your emotional wellness. The platform is for those individuals who are confused about therapy or facing difficulties in finding the right mental health service, or simply need someone to talk to.

In the initial days when FeelJoy was launched, they had an app to connect with their clients. But to reach out to more number of people with their platform, a website was needed along with mending the broken pieces of the app.

Let’s see how Panther helped FeelJoy to build a successful platform along with resolving a couple of operational difficulties that were faced by our client. Here goes the challenges and insights into how FeelJoy made it possible to be one of the most customer-preferred platforms in the market. 

Challenges Faced by FeelJoy

Disrupted Communication

In the healthcare industry, the best mode of communication is the biggest asset. And when it narrows down to mental healthcare, communication is everything that matters. As FeelJoy is a mental health consultation platform, it is their top most priority that their patients are being communicated and heard well. Their experts are trained listeners for supporting various mental health concerns. However, the experts at FeelJoy struggled a big time to establish strong virtual communication with their patients. 

Missed Follow-ups

Missed follow-ups was another issue that our client was facing. As a mental health consultation platform, the experts or consultants need to be available and keep regular in touch with their patients. However, before Panther came into the scenario, the average of missed follow-ups was relatively high as they were facing notification issues. This was one of the major concerns to their mental health consultation platform.

Unsatisfied Users

Whether it is healthcare or any business for that matter, clients are the most important aspect of any business. In case of FeelJoy, another issue they were facing was the patient’s experience with the platform was not good. Which is the result of a sense of disconnect when the user lands on the platform.

Fewer Clients 

All the loopholes in their mental health consultation platform was enough to have a negative impact to their business. As a result, fewer clients and lesser engagement of patients was noticeable, yet creating another big concern for them. They were only receiving 40-50 clients a month, and it directly impacted the growth graph of their business. 

These were initial level challenges that FeelJoy addressed while narrowing down their requirements from Panther. Soon after, Panther came into the picture to scale up the processes of FeelJoy.

The Solution We Delivered

After going over all the requirements of our client, we proposed a solution that would help them to overcome the obstacles and make their platform a complete all-in-one solution for their patients and experts. 

Here are the solutions that we provided to FeelJoy and the results after all the improvements:

Multilevel Communication- Integration of chat, audio and video facility

To resolve the most crucial issue, that is disruption in communication, we integrated chat, audio and video facility in FeelJoy’s app and website. Previously there was a gap in communication between consultant and the patients. In a healthcare consultancy business, establishing a strong communication with the patients matters the most. Panther made it possible for the experts at FeelJoy to keep healthy communication with their patients through video, audio, or text consultation. 

Missed Follow-ups – Implementation of automated calendar

This was the another major issue that our client was facing. As a mental health consultation platform, the experts need to be available and keep in regular touch with their patients. And not getting notified when a patient is in need of help was a complete drawback in the entire process. Panther’s automated calendar management feature enabled our client to resolve the problem. This provided the experts a seamless appointment scheduling & consultation experience, while managing their calendar in a more efficient manner and getting notifications at the right time. 

Enhanced User Experience

Missing functionalities, broken UI, communication issues, and all the other issues mentioned above was summing up one thing – unsatisfied users. Which led our client to miss out on their target audience.

However, after switching to Panther, the growth was significantly noticeable. We mend all the broken peaces together, provided a better customer friendly UI, sorted the communication issues, added all the necessary features. And our client saw a substantial difference in the traffic they used to get earlier. 

Increased Number of Clients

And after proving a complete ecosystem, where everything was running smoothly, our client noticed a rise in the number of clients registering in their platform. Previously, they were only receiving 40-50 clients a month, and it shot up to 60 clients per day, which is remarkable. It helped in getting more patients on board.


The increasing demand of online mental health consultation had led the mental health care professionals to adopt the digital tools and go online with their services. FeelJoy has taken a step forward with Panther to fuel up their online mental health consultancy business to its true potential. Not only it scales up the online presence via a power-packed platform like Panther, but also it doubles the growth with better and broader revenue, as clearly seen in the case of FeelJoy.

At Panther, we are encouraging businesses to adapt and become the part of this digital revolution, where almost every business is going online. So if you have a consultancy business that needs to explore its true potential, feel free to get in touch with us. 

Also, if you are here looking out for mental health consultation, FeelJoy is one of the best platforms that will guide you through this journey of self-exploration. 

You can download the free app from here!

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