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Taking Your Business Online In 2024 With Yelo

By Zeba Yasmeen 4th January 2024

Online businesses have boomed in the last decade, primarily because of easy access to the internet and the popularity of smartphones. Online shopping is not just some passing fad that lasts for a sizeable period and then disappears. Online shopping is literally the future of retail as we know it. The benefits of taking your business online are aplenty. It would be fair to say that, today, it is virtually impossible to garner desired business growth without a proper online presence. Almost every business has a website but to leverage your online business to make it the single source of business is the goal. It is estimated that e-commerce sales will hit $8.5 trillion by 2024 (Statista). And since 75% of people shop online at least once a month, the growing trend only indicates that online shopping is here to stay.

online business with Yelo

Why 2024 Is The Time to Strike

With the Coronavirus pandemic wreaking havoc on all industries globally, businesses have had to adapt to cater to their customers. Going online has been the only solution for almost all businesses. Food & beverages, healthcare, daily essentials, entertainment, etc. have all managed to create their own niche by engaging and retaining customers through online sales. If you plan to venture into your own business, you can take heart from the fact that launching it online will guarantee good results, provided you have the right support. As we recover from the pandemic and enter into a new era of business models, 2024 serves as the right time to foray into online businesses.

Who Has Done Well During The Pandemic?

While it was expected for big players like Amazon and Flipkart to take advantage of the challenge of delivering top service to customers at their doorstep, what is wondrous is how many new businesses have emerged as a result. The COVID pandemic was an unexpected turn of events and the impact it had worldwide was not something anybody could anticipate. However, businesses catering to customers at their homes succeeded. Retailers who managed to adapt and began selling their wares online were the winners during the pandemic.

Businesses such as Doordash, Deliveroo, and JustEat, which deliver essentials directly to homes, grew leaps and bounds. Businesses that rely on people leaving their homes were the worst hit. It is difficult to expect people to go watch movies or use trains and buses on a regular basis. However, by engaging their audience with virtual theatre experiences at home, online ticket sales for shows kept selling. The defining aspect of the pandemic has been to shift your business to an online platform. No wonder Netflix and Hotstar are crowd favorites, with subscriptions going up more than 100%.

What Is Yelo?

take your business online with Yelo

Speaking of online businesses can only lead to a discussion about our super-intuitive product – Yelo. While wanting to take your business online is a great step forward, but the execution of this plan requires the right kind of support. Here is where Yelo comes into the picture. Yelo is an online storefront that helps you handle all facets o your business. Creating your own brand, managing your day-to-day activities, reviewing inventory, analyzing sales and productivity, etc. are all important aspects of a business. Especially in an online business, keeping track of your business is in itself an online activity.

Yelo is the ideal ordering and delivery app that you need to give your customers the best shopping experience. Each business has plenty of moving parts. So, to keep your business steady and to deliver seamless service, Yelo is the application you need.

The best part about Yelo is that it is fully custom-built, according to your needs.

You can take control of everything, for example:

  • Creating your own brand presence
  • Enhancing ordering experience for customers
  • Gaining control of all business activities
  • Engaging with your audience directly
  • Delivering seamless payment options
  • Innovating marketplace experiences

With Yelo, you can create a virtual storefront on your computer screen and handle your business from your desk, It cannot get any simpler than that. The core features that you are privy to with Yelo are simply cutting-edge.

Daily tasks, employee productivity, order status, delivery agent integration, sales reports, marketing automation – you name it – and you can configure it. Yelo is a no-code custom-built application that serves multiple purposes on a single dashboard

Here are some of the salient features of Yelo:

  • Order/Delivery Management: Orders that are received online go through the Yelo system, giving you the live status of each order. Tracking, canceling, returning, refunding, etc. of orders are only a single click away.
  • Integration & Analytics: With advanced third-party APIs, bring any functionality into your virtual storefront with Yelo. Analytics gives you the options to get insights and reports on every aspect of your business.
  • Marketing Automation: Integrating with social media platforms to engage with your audience is possible on Yelo. Schedule email blasts, offer promo discounts, and more directly to your customers from your marketing dashboard.

With sales, service, and marketing – the three main domains of business – covered, there is little else that can be left to the imagination. With Yelo, you can do it all, right from your seat.

Take Advantage of Yelo’s Free Trial

Yelo pricing

Yelo has four pricing options designed for different sizes of business – Store, Brand, Marketplace, and Enterprise.

  • For new businesses that are just starting up, ‘Yelo Store’ is a steal at just $9 a month, billed annually. ‘Store’ is perfect for a business that has only a single online store.
  • If you average more than 100 orders a month and plan to open multiple stores, you might want to upgrade to ‘Yelo Brand’. With up to 500 orders per month, ‘Brand’ is a great option at $40/month.
  • For retail businesses that process a flurry of orders, ‘Yelo Marketplace’ is your best bet. $125 a month if billed annually is practically a steal for businesses that size. 

‘Yelo Enterprise’  is the all-around package with every feature in the book, billed according to your custom requirements. 

The most exciting part of these different plans is that you can pick what suits you best and start with a 14-day trial, totally free of cost. You heard that right, 14 days of Yelo for free. The free trial applies to Store, Brand, and Marketplace options.

Although Yelo is a ready-to-use app, make no mistake, it is fully themed to match your business aesthetic and custom preferences. Right from the logo, skin, color, and brand book, Yelo is customized to give you the look and feel that you prefer. Yelo is an app that aspires to bring convenience in your business endeavors, no matter how big or small. All of this is awaiting you. So, claim that 14-day free trial today.

Take advantage of Yelo’s unlimited listings, custom domain, integrated SEO application to take your business operations to the next level. Yelo is the sophisticated storefront that your business deserves. Advance your business with Yelo’s smart, seamless and intuitive application. Grab your free trial now

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