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Now make effective communication with guest, without compromising the company’s privacy

By Lakshmoji Reddy 5th September 2019

Looking for a solution to help your clients through effective communication on your own chat app, without compromising the privacy of your employees and your data?An all purpose team collaboration chat app like Fugu can make all the difference — it helps users break all barriers to effective communication, given their very nature of being instant and unaffected.

Beyond internal communications, you business also needs clear communication with the clients. But inviting them into your workspace communication might let out details, which you might not want to. 

FuguChat steps in here to aid the entire problem statement for you.

How to invite Guest Users on Fugu?

With this unique feature, the Workspace Owner or Admin of the workplace can invite the client as a guest.

With the “Invite Members” feature, you can grow your community beyond the workspace.

  • Click Invite Members from the top-left drop-down menu.
  • Select the Guest option to send an invitation link.

The Owner or Admin can send a join link through mail. The client will get a joining link and he can become a member of the workspace.

  • Enter Guests Email Address


Signing up as a Guest User does not give them full access to the workspace. They only have a limited access- he/she can chat within the group they are added to or with members authorised by the Admin. At a time, one guest can be a member of multiple channels, if the Admin allows.

  • Specify Contacts and Channels your Guests can Access

Once the guest enters the workspace, he gets multiple benefits like- default accessibility to Bot Channels like Fugu Bot, Attendance Bot, Fugu Support, etc.

Guest Can:Guest Cannot:
Only chat with the Owner or Admin.Invite any members.
Access only specified Channels. Create new Channels

Our clients are already enjoying the team chat offered by Fugu with multiple benefits and discussing business deals on a cordial and sorted channel with a clear line of communication. FUGU empowers communication, collaboration, and engagement- all on a single platform.  With Fugu all your chats are synced across devices, so you can pick up from where you left. It’s time for you to explore Fugu and give it a try. We are looking forward to your feedback. Feel free to share your valuable feedback with us.

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