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The Bright Future Of Subscription Boxes Seems Rich

By Ramneet Singh 14th April 2016

Food Delivers In Boxes

Forget the tiring shopping as the future is here in cardboard boxes. Yes, whether you are a foodie, beauty freak, or Do-It-Yourself junkie, there are strong chances that a subscription box service is waiting out there for fulfilling your needs. For those who are not familiar with what this new retail trend is, let’s throw some light upon subscription boxes.

They are a fast-growing business model in which companies like Chef V curate and send everything from clean green drinks to ultra shakes for cleanses straight to your doorstep. A lot of companies need new users to complete a profile survey so that to know their personal tastes or styles. Some of the surveys finish on a commercial break whereas, others demand in-depth details from the users.

Upon the completion of users’ profiles, they receive monthly boxes in the mail with specialty products “handpicked” exactly according to their likes and styles. Nowadays, the least number of boxes that you can get delivered right at your door is in the hundreds, and precisely tailored to everyone.

A Glance At The History of Subscription Boxes

It all started in 2010 with the launch of Birchbox, which is a beauty sample subscription service that serves on monthly basis. They kept their subscribers on their toes every month by sending them 4-5 new beauty and lifestyle samples to try out for as little as $10.

In 2011, we witnessed more and more similar subscription services rolling into the market aiming distinct demographics. “Citrus Lane” for moms and babies and “BarkBox” for dogs were the ones that have inflicted maximum impact on the market with their noticeable boxes.

Right in the first quarter of 2012, the subscription boxes really started to take on the heat with the launch of new boxes each week. The trend steadily kept on speeding up, and in 2013, there were even more boxes catering to almost every need.

Reasons Behind The Popularity Of Subscription Boxes

Here are some of the latest subscription box trends that reflect the reasons behind their popularity:

    • College subscription boxes – Monthly care packages.
    • Local subscription boxes – Items sourced from a particular state or city.
  • Celebrity-curated boxes – Items selected by your favorite celeb.

According to the experts, there are various things in common among the best subscription boxes that enable them to be so addictive. The list goes like this.

  • Subscription Box Value – A plethora of boxes often provide values that are twice or sometimes thrice of the costs. However, chances are that you might not fall for every item in the box, but their value stands up for the risk involved, and if you find every item in accordance with your needs, then it feels like on the top of the world! 

(Additionally, there is also value in trying out a sample of a product and knowing if it is for you or not instead of having to purchase the full-size version in order to find that out)

  • Element of Surprise – If right, subscription boxes are known as the only gift that you can choose for yourself and feel surprised upon opening them!
  • Curation – There is hardly any subscription box available in the market that don’t come with a card, in which details regarding each item in the box is mentioned, including the reason of its selection, and a typical theme showing relation with the items.

The Next Big Thing

Websites like Chef V providing clean and healthy green drinks deliveries under their subscriptions services have been blazing the trail for years. And now, such services delivered to the door, are “The Next Big Thing”.

Save Money VS The Supermarkets

The services can also help you save money as compared to the supermarkets, as some of them produce fresh, healthy, nutrient-rich greens at their farms which are available in a clean and simple form that is easy to store and consume. So it is like straight from the farm to your doorstep. 

For consumers, the services offer a convenient way to live a healthy and energetic life, and for investors, they are gold mines. The market is only getting hotter and hotter each day with business competitors making their presence felt across the globe.

With billions of dollars behind them, – the way we live is about to change forever.

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