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How to select intelligent Dispatch Software for your business.

By Tanvir Singh 18th November 2020

The burgeoning demand for online retail and same-day intelligent dispatching of deliveries has introduced sellers to a whole new world of intelligent dispatching. Online buyers now demand unprecedented speed in deliveries for little to no added cost. While 50% of the sellers are offering the desired services, the remaining are not yet ready to concede to their competitors. The tough markets and challenges have consequently led these sellers to make technology their sole proprietors. Here’s how! 

Well, the era of running from here and there for orders has apparently come to an end. In a bid to lower the delivery cost and time, businesses now rely on intelligent dispatch management systems. This means that an entire workforce responsible for allocating jobs, settling payments, making calls, optimizing routes and coordination has now been replaced by an automated intelligent dispatch system. Here’s how businesses leverage from intelligent dispatching.

 Real-Time Optimization

The delivery dispatch software accommodates last-minute orders or cancellations by re-aligning resources without leaving any significant impact on end deliveries. Real-time optimization reduces delay, improves services and re-ignites consumer’s faith into the business. 

Accurate Schedules

In addition to assigning the right workforce for the right job, the software makes use of stored or historical data for creating accurate schedules. For example, ruling out a particular route because of predictive traffic patterns. Precise schedules minimize cost and errors, boosts productivity and leads to better business.

Complete automation

Instead of hiring more employees for logistics, more jobs can be created in the management and business development departments. Complete automation minimizes errors, reduces cost, saves labor and most importantly, helps in business diversification.

Customer Satisfaction

Intelligent dispatch management drives on-time dispatching and excellent communication which results in satisfactory deliveries. Customers value honest communication, therefore pre-informing the customers about anticipated delays is always appreciated. Real-time alerts, electronic proof of delivery, an efficient two-way communication channel and intelligent dashboards also improves customer satisfaction.

Revolutionize Dispatch Brand Experience
Revolutionize Dispatch Brand Experience

Top 10 attributes of a intelligent Dispatch Software

In order for any software to qualify for your business, it is imperative to streamline the dispatching needs based on your business requirements. Picking a smart software that is cost-effective and has the right functionality will maximize gains and customer satisfaction, the two most important performance indicators for any industry. Here are some attributes to look for in intelligent dispatch software.

Must have features in Dispatch Software
Must have features in Dispatch Software

Automated Scheduling

When will the order reach its customers? Has it been packaged or shipped? What is the delivery window? Automated scheduling determines which agent should visit which customer site at what time and with what information/tools/packages. By enabling communication between service providers, agents and customers, the scheduling software with the help of automated messages save thousands of hours each month, which leads to increased productivity. An intelligent dispatch software strengthens the delivery cycle by keeping everyone involved in the dispatching process well informed and prepared. Besides, complete automation has minimized human intervention which means the workforce dedicated only towards logistics can now look into managerial activities. Better superior roles will invite more ideas that will ultimately lead to business expansion. 

Customized Intelligent dispatching 

Agent’s or driver’s availability, driver’s cost, vehicle volume and weight capacity, delivery requirements, estimated time on site, loading time are some of the factors that need to be taken into consideration for courier dispatching. The dispatch software optimizes deliveries based on the unique business requirement. For instance, the best trucking dispatch software customizes deliveries based on the vehicle’s availability, volume and weight capacity which will save both time and extra cost. Customization leads to smart business. It streamlines the right resources for a particular service which increases efficiency, maximizes profits and minimizes errors. 

Route optimization

By picking the fastest and shortest routes for field agents, an intelligent dispatch software aims to reduce delivery cost. The objective of any business or service provider is to deliver more and in much less time. The intelligent dispatch system takes multiple factors into account to calculate an optimal route for faster and flexible deliveries. For grocers and restaurants, identifying the same delivery windows are important in order to reduce the overall costs. The software optimizes routes for its agents to meet the unprecedented demand for services. In addition to picking the shortest routes, it also makes use of stored or historical data to anticipate delays. It might rule out certain routes based on the predictive traffic patterns. 

Integration capabilities

For any delivery to be successful, it is important to identify and address the issues concerning all departments involved in a delivery cycle. Therefore, real-time data sync provides dispatchers and customers complete visibility and control on the delivery dispatch. The integration capabilities of intelligent dispatch software determine dispatch efficiency and delivery performance. The software should interact well with the internal systems for optimal dispatching. The biggest on-demand taxi service providers Uber and Ola rely heavily on real-time data sync. The rides are only confirmed after knowing the driver’s location or vehicle’s availability. The same software is also used by major retailers and restaurant owners. 

Business Mobility

A smart dispatch management software is compatible for all types of devices which means that the intelligent dispatch orders can also be placed or accepted via mobile devices. The on-the-go orders ensure better communication and faster results, thereby increasing productivity and overall efficiency. Exceptional mobility undoubtedly makes the delivery process simpler, cost-effective and flexible. Mobile apps such as Uber have gained prominence for their on-the-go services and user-friendly dashboards.

Coordination & Communication 

Intelligent delivery dispatching needs excellent communication and coordination amongst all departments in a delivery cycle. Each team should be notified on the previous set of actions in order to take the next step, therefore lack of coordination between intelligent dispatchers, field agents and customers can weigh heavily on the end deliveries. The drivers need to know the location and time for the next unloading, the vehicle to be used and the agents need to know the delivery location along with the receiver’s name and contact details. For seamless coordination, it is important to look for the dispatch software that enables in-app and mobile communication along with other tracking tools. 

Intelligent Dispatch Management System
Intelligent Dispatch Management System

Intelligent Dashboard

For flexible intelligent dispatching, it is important for business owners and industries to adopt systems that are not too complex for its employees and customers. Intelligent dashboards are easy to use and enable seamless communication. Businesses need an interface that displays both upcoming and in-progress deliveries. Smart dashboards usually have three interfaces, for the dispatcher, agents and customers, and the activities of all three are communicated to one another. This keeps everyone in the loop, minimizes time and cost, boosts productivity and eliminates the chances of errors. Apps like Uber and Ola are examples of excellent dashboards at all three levels. The customers are able to track the driver’s location and book rides on the basis of pre-estimated ride fares, the drivers on their end are able to see the passenger’s information and the shortest routes and the managers have their own interface to keep visibility on the drivers, vehicles and other resources. 

Real-time Alerts 

No matter how structured your delivery plan is, exceptions happen and so, there should always be enough room for such contingencies. Greater visibility into available resources helps accommodate last-minute changes that ensure on-time deliveries. Therefore, it is important to look for a intelligent dispatch system that offers real-time alerts and great visibility. The availability of accurate data helps dispatchers cater to the last minute requests, orders or cancellations, which leads to enhanced agent’s performance and customer satisfaction. 

Digital Proof of Delivery 

Digital Proof of Delivery
Digital Proof of Delivery

The electronic proof of delivery has eliminated the need for manual signatures and time-consuming on-ground formalities. In the times of contactless deliveries, ePOD has become more of a mandate for service providers and is one of the most important features of intelligent delivery dispatch software. It improves real-time visibility and on-site service, enhances customer satisfaction, improves the accuracy of proof of delivery, reduces communication time and stores data for future improvement.

Robustness and Agility 

An intelligent dispatch system optimizes dispatch deliveries based on changing business environments. With a rapid increase in online deliveries with the onset of COVID-19, the need for intelligent dispatching has also risen extensively. Online retailers are hiring more agents, buying more vehicles along with other delivery resources. With this unprecedented expansion, the logistics have also become increasingly complex which necessitates the need for having a smart delivery dispatch system. Business goals can only be achieved if they choose the delivery dispatch software that meets the current requirements while also preparing for future needs. Future expansion should be taken into consideration while choosing the dispatch software. 

Intelligent Dispatch management has become indispensable for businesses globally. However, we understand that picking the right technology isn’t always simple. So, if you’re a beginner or if you are experiencing loss of business due to unsatisfactory delivery services, Tookan might be a one-stop solution for all your business needs. With the best-in-class features such as service apps, extensions, advanced fleet tracker and an intelligent delivery dispatch dashboard, Tookan offers a complete toolkit for all your delivery management needs. And here’s the catch. It does not charge its customers a single penny for the first 14 days which gives businesses a chance to test and decide. Trusted by some of the best brands till date, we are confident that Tookan will live upto your delivery commitments. Sign up for the 14 days free trial now

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