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What is the scope of Mobile Marketing Automation?

By Vikrant Kaushal 24th September 2021

“Engagement with the customer today … is understanding that you must be present in a conversation when they want to have it, not when you want to. It’s just the way people buy today”

– Bob Thacker, Gravitytank Strategic Advisor and former CMO of OfficeMax

Mobile marketing automation is the perfect approach for customer engagement today…due to multiple reasons. Everyone has a mobile phone today and the majority of web traffic is on mobile.
Mobile marketing is the most convenient thing for customers and so should be for businesses. But, you can’t be available 24×7 to engage with your customer, thus, mobile marketing automation that helps you engage with your customers at the time of their convenience.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing | What is Mobile Marketing Automation? Hippo

Mobile marketing is a multi-channel digital promotional activity that uses mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to reach the target audience via email, SMS and MMS, social media, websites, and apps like WhatsApp.

Mobile marketing is one of the most important digital marketing strategies used by businesses to promote their products and services. It also assists organisations in reducing paper costs and denotes a quick and convenient method of interacting with target customers. It enables the integration of new, innovative advertising methods with existing marketing strategies to increase their impact and approachability among target users.

Growth Opportunities in the mobile marketing market

The global mobile marketing market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.9 per cent from USD 10.5 billion in 2019 to USD 25.0 billion by 2024. The popularity of mobile marketing with increasing mobile devices, high penetration of mobile users, growth of social media and advertising, and increased use of mobile web and mobile applications are the major factors driving the mobile marketing industry.

Mobile Marketing Market Growth | What is Mobile Marketing Automation? Hippo
  • The global mobile marketing market size is projected to grow from USD 10.5 billion in 2019 to USD 25.0 billion by 2024, at a CAGR of 18.9% during the forecast period.
  • Popularity of mobile marketing with increasing mobile devices, high penetration of mobile users, and increased use of mobile web and mobile applications are fueling the mobile market growth.

In 2020, the number of unique mobile internet users was 4.28 billion, indicating that more than 90% of the global internet population uses a mobile device to access the internet. Mobile phone ownership and internet usage are expected to rise in the future as mobile technologies become more affordable and widely available. This upward trend in mobile internet adoption is most noticeable in developing digital markets where mobile networks are the primary means of internet access. Today, mobile internet traffic accounts for more than 55% of total web traffic, with mobile connections accounting for an even larger share of page views in mobile-first markets such as Asia and Africa.

Mobile Marketing Market Growth | What is Mobile Marketing Automation? Hippo

According to CNBC, almost three quarters (72.6 per cent) of internet users will access the web solely via their smartphones by 2025, equivalent to nearly 3.7 billion people.

Mobile marketing is a must for all businesses today 

Mobile Marketing Automation

Mobile marketing automation is the process of performing repetitive marketing tasks at scale. With Hippo, marketers can plan, coordinate, manage, and measure all of their campaigns from a single dashboard.

Brands are moving away from the laborious personalization of digital content. Instead, they’re leveraging automation software to send personalized messages to the right customers at the most critical time.

Automation is a step-by-step process that saves time and increases engagement, allowing marketers to go further and do more. For example, automation can segment and target based on what consumers are doing, creating a library of rich content to engage users.

You can retain customers with automation. With an email, users will receive the message in their inboxes and be encouraged to re-engage with your company at a later date. Push notifications, unlike emails, will only stay on the user’s phone for a certain amount of time before it gets deleted or forgotten about.

How does Mobile Marketing automation work?

It enables brands to target large groups of people with campaigns that occur across every stage of the user journey. This is perfect for people looking to reach a large number of people.

Using data-driven insights, app teams can create specific segments for individual app users. This customized experience creates a personalized, relevant app experience for everyone. Marketers can reach the right people with mobile messages such as push notifications, emails, in-app messages, and App Inbox. These marketing tactics not only encourage key conversions but also build a new level of trust with your target audience.

Brands can use instant messaging to send tailored messages to consumers at very opportune times. For example, a message could be triggered when a user falls dormant for several days or completes their first purchase.

Mobile marketing automation can engage customers at every stage of their journey.

How Can Mobile Marketing Automation Benefit Your Business?

Mobile marketing automation is hugely beneficial for both businesses and the consumers they are marketing to. In this new era, notifications on our smartphones will make it easier for us to complete our daily tasks with less stress. On the other hand, we can also expect targeted promotions and coupons that will help customers save money.

There are multiple advantages for opting for Mobile Marketing automation:

  • Large audience: Over half of the world web traffic is on mobile, Mobile Marketing provides huge potential customers to target. Thus automating it would help you reach them efficiently.
  • Swift Response: Mobile is always in hands of your customers. This can result in them read the message and respond to it instantaneously. Automating mobile marketing would help you be ready for their responses whether good or bad.
  • Low cost: The cost of mobile marketing is minimal compared to other modes of marketing. Even other digital mediums can take a toll on your budget, while Mobile marketing can reduce your marketing costs.
  • Easy tracking: Mobile marketing automation helps you in tracking all your marketing campaigns. You can get complete data analytics of mobile apps from impressions to clickthrough rate, from conversions to bounce rates. You can even accumulate data regarding your customer’s geographics, demographics and behaviour which can help you in segmenting your prospects for future campaigns.

Attract customers with Mobile Marketing automation |What is Mobile Marketing Automation? Hippo

Let’s put it all together!

In today’s world, people are either asleep or connected. The best time to reach them is when they are both awake and connected

In the digital age, it’s time for marketers to get personal. Mobile marketing automation platforms enable you to customize your marketing campaigns with a few simple clicks. This means a better connection with your customer and a more successful campaign.

Mobile marketing is absolute for any business. With 55% web traffic coming from mobiles and market size growing at 18.9% CAGR, any business that does not perform mobile marketing is bound to fail. The question is how to do it. One option is to hire a team of experts to perform mobile marketing second one is to automate mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing automation is inevitable because you can’t perform every activity of mobile marketing and hiring a team can empty your pockets, especially if you are a small or medium scale business. 

Automation of mobile marketing can grow your business to great heights. But choosing the right automation software is a pickle. That’s where Hippo comes in. 


Hippo is among the leading SaaS providers for support and customer engagement. Hippo is trusted by brands like McDonald’s, KFC, Adnoc across the globe and can be integrated with your business within a week. To learn more about Hippo and how can it help you grow, you can visit our resources or schedule a live demo from our experts.

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