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How to Optimize Your Delivery Route?

By Tanvir Singh 29th July 2020

Vehicle Route Optimization for Delivery Services

Vehicle Route optimization is the process of determining the most cost and time effective route for delivering a product or service. For instance, if you’re running a food delivery business and deal with multiple simultaneous orders, route optimization tool can help you decide the most effective way to deliver the food. This way, your delivery personnel can follow the shortest route while making as many delivery stops in a route as possible. But route optimization isn’t just limited to finding the shortest route between point A and B. It involves other variables, including real-time events such as traffic conditions, availability of equipment and personnel for loading/unloading and more.

Why is Route Planning Important?

There are numerous advantages associated with optimizing your delivery route, including:

  • The biggest advantage of effective route planning is the minimization of effort and reduction of cost, both of which are important considerations for any business.
  • Delivery route optimization also allows for a more accurate Expected Time of Arrival (ETA) which is beneficial for both the logistics company and customers.
  • By using an effective delivery management system, you can increase your return on investment by using lesser resources and offering more focused and targeted delivery services.
  • With assistance from a delivery management system, you can assess current traffic conditions and use this information to optimize routes and keep drivers and vehicles constantly updated. For instance, if there’s a sudden traffic congestion in an area, the app or system will configure a faster route for the delivery agent, helping them avoid traffic and saving some valuable time.

How to Optimize With an Effective Route Planning?

The simplest way to opt for the vehicle route optimization is by using a delivery routing software or delivery app. For instance, a delivery scheduling software like Tookan can help you enhance your delivery services with route planning, real time tracking and a host of other benefits. Let’s take a look at why Tookan is the perfect delivery scheduling system to help you with route optimization:

  • Get access to a centralized dispatch dashboard that allows you to track orders in real time, optimize delivery routes and schedules, and also allocate resources for specific orders.
  • Automate logistics including assigning tasks, scheduling and managing orders from the dashboard. You can also access data and reports from the dashboard to improve and optimize your fleet’s performance!
  • Tookan equips your delivery agents with a service app that includes a whole host of features designed to make deliveries more efficient. The biggest benefit of the app is route optimization that allows field agents to easily navigate multiple destinations and complete deliveries on-time. Other benefits of the service app include task notifications, agent wallet, easy navigation and proof of delivery.
  • Tookan offers advanced fleet tracking to help you better manage and track your fleet. You can minimize the cost of vehicle breakdown by receiving early alerts whenever a part needs maintenance or repair.
  • With apps and extensions designed to make deliveries more efficient and cost effective, Tookan is the ideal delivery routing software for businesses that deliver goods. These utility apps are designed to increase efficiency while suiting your business’ specific needs. You can also track customer feedback and ratings using the extensions available.
  • Tookan’s delivery management system also sends an alert every time a vehicle enters or exits a geofence, helping increase operational efficiency and increasing safety and security levels.

Optimizing Delivery Routes with Tookan

With Tookan’s advanced fleet routing software, you can optimize your delivery routes in the most cost effective and reasonable manner. This delivery management system retrieves the most efficient path for any mode of transport, keeping in mind external factors like traffic, weather, and other orders in the same route. You can also enable auto assign to have your orders assigned automatically to the nearest and available delivery agents. The agent app allows you to track the progress of each order in real time for better workforce productivity.

If you’re looking to optimize your delivery route or need some assistance managing your fleet, Tookan is the one-stop solution. Learn more about the routing delivery software by clicking here or give us a call today.

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