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Can a delay in 3PL logistics alarm your customers’ response? How to deal with it?

By Tanvir Singh 27th May 2020

I remember how I waited for my online parcel when the expected delivery date shifted by another 2 days. It took me 15 minutes to go ahead and search for a reliable e-commerce portal to get my other stuff ordered. Abandoning the previous e-commerce site because of delayed delivery was my quick reaction.

But, how does it impact the e-commerce site?  They too lose a potential customer. Because of a 3PL logistics underperformance, an eCommerce portal loses its one customer. The count keeps on increasing until a concrete solution comes in the picture.

Are you in the same boat? Do people avoid your services because of a third-party logistic delay? Here is some good news! We all know that e-commerce companies count 3PL logistics as their delivery partners. But any disruption in the logistic supply can distort the last-mile delivery experience. And we are sure no one wishes to face it!

You can choose to tell your 3PL logistics to get a tech-suite to empower their existing process. A robust delivery management system can revolutionize the third-party logistics operational efficiency. 

Delivery management software – How it can serve the purpose?

During my previous experience of delayed delivery, I asked the agent for the reason. He spoke about how difficult it becomes sometimes to prioritize the parcel delivery. And the trouble in locating and identifying the parcel from the warehouse seems genuine.

So, what next? Choosing a delivery management software to channelize the streamlined delivery pattern can help in better results. There are several ways in which it assists the delivery experience. Few of them are:

Automated task assignment

The act of prioritizing the delivery process demands manpower. As soon as the delivery management software integrates with the logistic server, an automated delivery chart gets prepared.  The automated task assignment matches the algorithm of delivery as per schedule. It helps avoid any unprecedented delay in the delivery. 

Locates the parcel in warehouse 

Have you thought about a convenient mode to trace the parcel’s location with a simple scan? Yes, you heard it right. A delivery management software enables locating a parcel with a barcode scan. This facilitates the process of picking up and dropping off of parcels in the warehouse.

Enrich the route optimization process

Reaching on time and staying traffic-aware while delivering parcels adds more value to 3PL logistics overall efficiency. This could be achieved with the integration of intelligent delivery management software. It allows you to get an estimated ETA to reach the desired destination. Hence, it simplifies transportation calculation effectively.

Improves the First-Attempt Delivery Rate

The first-attempt delivery rate (FADR) plays a vital role in both e-commerce businesses and 3PL logistics companies. A research state that around 28% of total transportation cost is associated with the last-mile delivery. The statistical data explains why it is necessary to empower the FADR ratio at the earliest.

The second and third attempt delivery might interfere with higher fuel cost, transportation demand, and time investment. Moreover, around 16% of customers abandon shopping due to delayed delivery. And we are sure you don’t want to lose such a big percentile of your valuable customers!

You can match the delivery schedule with customers preferred window, re-schedule or plan a delivery as per the expectations. These strategies could help you differentiate your business from others in the competition. 

Tookan – Does it fit your requirements?

Tookan has been a remarkable name as a  tech- suite to streamline the delivery process. Unlike other delivery management systems where a logistics company needs to fit into the shoes of software, Tookan stands out! Tookan’s tailor-made features let you stay in your comfort zone. We offer complete customization of all the required features. 

It comes in the picture when a 3PL logistics needs:

  • To deliver on customer-preferred time windows
  • To dynamically optimize the route
  • To access real-time traffic/ETAs
  • To map packages from the warehouse  
  • To automate assigning and reschedule single or bulk orders

Apart from the above points, Tookan focuses on filling the gap between logistics performance and efficiency. 

Wrapping up

No matter which scale you operate your e-commerce or logistic business, every customer makes a difference! Be sure that you are not on the verge to lose any among them! 
Let’s have a quick catch-up to discuss! Get in touch with us to team up with the best delivery management software for your business.

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