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    Supply-Demand in the Age of Geo-Analytics

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    Turning the Tables: 5 Reasons why Geoanalytics is Indispensable to the On-Demand Economy

    The storm around startups has finally settled. The skeptics are now retreating from their early opinions, and finally, the world is embracing the on-demand economy culture. What started as an experiment in San Francisco has now become the driving force for enterprises across the globe. Uber was the first disruption in the series of countless […]

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    The Show Must Go On: How Juggernaut helped its Clients Survive the AWS’ S3 Crash

    Last week, an unprecedented disruption led to a temporary paralysis of the Amazon Web Services in the US East Region. With websites like Quora and Trello down, users and database managers had no way to validate the consistency of their data or transactions. While some chose to shift their operations to an alternate location, there […]

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    Startup Success Story -Homesuite

    Homesuite is the world’s first transactional marketplace for corporate housing. They make finding and booking a comfortable, furnished apartment or house easy. The leases are monthly, and most of their business travel customers end up staying for 2-3 months. When you travel for work on assignments of a month or more, you want to feel […]

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    Amazon S3 Servers Crash: How B2B Services must Assist their Clients in the Crisis Hour?

    Intelligence lies in finding opportunity in every calamity, and when one of the most reliable web services on the internet falters, it warrants additional efforts for any B2B Service. Earlier this week, when the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) experienced ‘increased error rates’ or simply a disruption in their service, it took down major websites […]

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    Pulling the Trigger: Geo Analytics is not an Option, It is the Future

    Back in the 1780s, when the Industrial Revolution occurred, the peasantry had no way of contributing to its evolution or be on the receiving end of its progress for they were constrained by lack of skill and knowledge. In the early years of the 20th century, the manufacturing boom, powered by the Assembly Line production, […]

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    Politically Incorrect: How President Trump’s Ban led to a PR Nightmare for Uber?

    As the CEO of the largest private company on Earth, your worst nightmare is about getting caught between the conscience of your consumers and the whims of the politicians you need to trade your enterprise’s freedom with. When President Trump dropped the Immigrant ban bomb last month, banning immigrants and refugees from seven countries in […]

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    Turning the Tables: How On-Demand Economy is Helping Big Businesses Find Relevance?

    Another weekend for Jane, and another business trip to reckon with. Fortunately, she has earned enough cash points from her American Express Credit Card transactions to avail a free plane ticket with one of the leading airlines. As she goes online to complete her booking, she avails the Airport Shuttle service from Uber which is […]

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