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    6 ways a Team Chat App can boost your business


    I am sure every one of you must have heard or read about Team Chat Apps like Slack, Flock, Google Hangouts etcetera. Have you ever thought of how these business chat apps boost the business? Let us discuss how this workplace chat software adds value to a business. Here we go:- 1) Foster Collaboration With […]

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    Here’s a Quick Update on Home Services Marketplace for 2019!

    Home Services Yelo

    As per the latest reports by Technavio, the global on-demand home services market is expected to grow at a CAGR close to 52% by 2022. The reasons for this expected CAGR are as follows:- Convenience At Door Step Consumer these days are becoming more and more comfortable by getting convenience at their doorsteps. On-demand giants […]

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    Future Of Drone Industry


    Two world wars are proof of the success of drones in military operations. The first pilotless vehicle was built by the U.S during the First World War. These early models were launched using a catapult or were flown using radio control. Later, in 1935 the British army produced a number of radio-controlled aircraft. It’s thought […]

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    How TaskRabbit Works: Insights into Business & Revenue Model

    What is TaskRabbit? TaskRabbit is a two-sided marketplace that connects ‘TaskPosters,’ people who need help, with ‘TaskRabbits,’ a network of pre-approved and background checked individuals, who have the time and skills needed to complete the listed task. Hailed as godsend to people with more money than time, it allows people to outsource small jobs and […]

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