6 Reasons You Should Not Ignore IoT In Delivery Management

    Today the Internet of Things is the buzzword and most talked about topic. Tech geeks are going gaga with this revolutionizing technology, as they are clearly visualizing the impact and extent to which things can be simplified even in day to day operations. Out of all the industries trying to adopt the benefits of IoT, […]

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    Drones – Changing The Face Of Delivery Sector

    The evolution of the internet has been continuing over the years now. Whether it is online shopping, food delivery, shipping packages or grocery runs the consumers base is relying on fast and doorstep deliveries. Drones are expected to play a crucial role in the expansion of the retail market in the coming years. Drones could […]

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    Are you Getting The Most Out Of Your Delivery Management Software?

    Delivery Management

    Today we live in the age of on-demand expectations where delays can be a major turn off. Nowadays delivery management is part of our everyday life directly or indirectly and the on-demand industry plays a vital role in its establishment. The success of an enterprise majorly depends on its efficiency and the extent to which […]

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    Last Mile Delivery Reshaping The Customer Experience

    Last Mile Delivery

    Last Mile Delivery has witnessed an unconventional change in the last few years. Not surprisingly, e-commerce and food delivery are the driving forces of the changes that are already in motion to improve the customer experience for good. From renowned retailers to local businesses, nobody denies the fact that the last mile delivery has become […]

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    Indian Blood Services – Saving Lives Everyday With Tookan


    Indian Blood Services is a non-governmental organization working for community welfare aiming to fulfil the blood requirements for those who are in the hour of need. Build A Reliable Delivery Service Platform We built a delivery solution for Indian Blood Services for efficient, on-time and hassle-free blood deliveries Tookan helped Indian Blood Services by providing […]

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