• Empowering Fieldforce

    Payments made automatic with Paytm Payouts by Tookan

    Making and managing payments to employees and third parties is time consuming, tedious but imperative task of your business. Considering the importance of timely payments, we at Tookan have developed a special feature to automate your payments: Paytm Payouts! Yes, you read it right, automated payouts to all the third parties at your fingertips. For […]

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    Tookan Customer Wallet for delivery businesses

    Customer wallet provides an e-wallet for your customers, to which they can add money and pay for successive transactions. The entire hassle to add details again and again while making the payment is now saved. Just add details once and make all successive payments very easily. And the biggest advantage is that it saves all […]

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    How to select intelligent Dispatch Software for your business.

    The burgeoning demand for online retail and same-day intelligent dispatching of deliveries has introduced sellers to a whole new world of intelligent dispatching. Online buyers now demand unprecedented speed in deliveries for little to no added cost. While 50% of the sellers are offering the desired services, the remaining are not yet ready to concede […]

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    11 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Dispatch Scheduling Software

    Dispatch Scheduling

    A dispatch Scheduling software makes infinitely more sense compared to traditional means of dispatch management, irrespective of the nature of your delivery needs. It’s a digital tool that takes care of end to end needs of field service businesses. It can automatically assign resources and personnel to tasks, provide you detailed reports of operations, assist […]

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    The ultimate guide to dispatch software! Here’s everything you need to know

    Dispatching Business Software

    Why do we need a dispatch software? To answer this, just imagine a significant lag in all your deliveries during a pandemic? Unbearable, isn’t it?  Logistics play a crucial role in our day-to-day lives. Right from quick food deliveries, instant taxi services to remarkable progress in the e-commerce industry, there’s nothing that isn’t driven by […]

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    How can you build and improve your deliveries using Google Maps latest update for On-demand businesses?

    Google Maps focuses on Delivery and on-demand business. Here is what you need to know: On-demand deliveries and rides is a tremendously growing market with a potential to grow more in the coming decades. And this market is targeted by google to be the first and best service provider. When it comes to delivery, routes […]

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    Merchant ACL


    Do you want your merchants to have their own SMS gateways and personalized notifications settings for merchant tasks? Do your merchants want to create tasks and change task status? Are you facing issues of assigning different access and controls for different merchants? We have taken care of all your problems now! Tookan is out with […]

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    Evolving Transportation Capacity Management: The sustainable edge!

    Manage task assignments according to agent or vehicle capacity. Smart Capacity Management! With the ‘explosion’ of the e-commerce industry, it is now imperative for logistics managers to creatively find and manage capacity for the exponential amount of trucks needed to make deliveries to/from warehouses, stores and customers’ homes. Retailers, distributors, suppliers, and manufacturers need innovative […]

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