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    8 Amazing Strategies to Ensure your Delivery Business Succeeds

    Parcel Delivery

    Once you’ve started with a package delivery business, it’s basic to choose your delivery strategies and expenses. Your strategies and costs can be a principal factor for customers picking your service over a contender. 80% of online customers see package delivery cost as the fundamental factor, and around 66% decides not to choose a package […]

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    Shippo: Revolutionizing B2B Logistics Across the World

    Revolutionizing B2B Logistics Across the World

    Shippo enables retailers, marketplaces, e-commerce platforms and logistics service providers with a solution they need to succeed in the shipping process. Shippo delivers more than 80,000 shipments every month. If you enjoyed reading this, we’re sure you will also love checking out what we have in store on our Youtube channel. You can also head to […]

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    On-Demand Food Delivery Apps are Making the Life Easier

    Millenials are moving their inclination from conventional eat out to various on-demand food delivery services. From an extensive variety of restaurants, unlimited cuisines and the option to pay at a single click, undoubtedly on-demand mean delivery apps have made lives less complicated. Food delivery apps more than convey convenience as a straightforward service characteristic, they […]

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    United Parcel Service (UPS) Insights for Parcel Delivery Business

    United Parcel Service

    United Parcel Services (UPS) is one of the world’s biggest courier and package delivery service. UPS was established in Seattle, Washington in 1907 bearing the name “American Messenger Company.” The organization would later experience a difference in the name in 1919 after it extended its tasks outside of Seattle. The organization has since developed to […]

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    Daily Challenges faced by On-Demand Delivery Businesses

    Pick-up and Delivery

    In general pick-up and delivery of goods, a set of routes has to be properly defined in order to satisfy the transportation requests. A set of the fleet is assigned at each route with a specific size of load to be transported. Each vehicle has a specific capacity, pre-defined origin, and destination. In General Pick-up […]

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    The Car Wash Industry: Disruptive or Continuative?

    On demand car wash

    The car wash industry is very unorganized and there are very few companies controlling the car wash industry. There is a huge potential in on-demand car wash business. According to the United States Census Bureau, Americans spend $5.8B a year at car wash facilities. In the last decade, more than 70% of car owners started […]

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    Food Delivery Industry still promises 31.76% CAGR

    A rapid change has been observed in past years in the way of delivering restaurants meals to home. Worldwide, the largest segment is “Restaurant to Consumer Delivery” with an estimated market volume of $78,734M in 2018. It is expected to generate revenue of $12,033M around the world. The only reason for the success of the business […]

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    Online Marketplace: New challenges to overcome

    Online marketplace

    A marketplace is a platform that connects third-party merchants or retailers directly with customers. An online marketplace acts as a middleman between retailer and customers and usually takes a commission on each sale. There are actually multiple revenue sources for an online marketplace. Likewise, there are multiple online marketplace models as well. eBay is a […]

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    How much does it cost to build a marketplace similar to Airbnb?

    marketplace similar to Airbnb

    Airbnb has enjoyed a great success since it started back in 2008, the company has also given an idea of the marketplace to thousands of entrepreneurs out there. People started incorporating the Airbnb rental marketplace business model into different industries. In fact, Airbnb business gave rise to multiple businesses similar to Airbnb around the world […]

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    The Emerging Face of Online E-commerce Marketplace

    E-commerce Marketplace

    The growth in e-commerce marketplace is seen in the past decade due to change in consumer spending power and shopping habits. This affected the product price, consumer behavior and availability of the product or good in the emerging and developing countries. It was projected that the e-commerce will grow at a CAGR of 12% worldwide. […]

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