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8 Amazing Strategies to Ensure your Delivery Business Succeeds

By Akshat Bansal 10th August 2018

Once you’ve started with a package delivery business, it’s basic to choose your delivery strategies and expenses.

Your strategies and costs can be a principal factor for customers picking your service over a contender. 80% of online customers see package delivery cost as the fundamental factor, and around 66% decides not to choose a package delivery service on the web because of delivery cost.

Online customers require their parcel to be delivered as quickly as it could be. You can entirety sum up your package delivery business into three – picking, packaging, and shipping. Having a great system in place for handling the current amount of orders you’re getting. But then it falls apart when you get a sudden influx of customers, so your system no longer works and you have to rethink it entirely.

Package Delivery

Here are 8 strategies to guarantee success for your package delivery business:

  1. Invest in Technology

Appropriate use of technology can bring out the efficiency of package delivery business. Technology like route-optimization and real-time tracking provided by delivery management platforms give more control to entrepreneur over the business. Utilization of barcodes, RFID, and routing software offer best in class logistics service.

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  1. Different offering to clients

Different customers have the different requirement when using package delivery business. Offering multiple pricing packages based on size, weight and delivery speed will give customers an option to choose from. The customer can decide between multiple pricing packages depending upon the customers’ requirement. Different alternatives to customers empower package delivery business to draw the attention of customers.

  1. Make an impact with Packaging

The way of packaging the parcel can make a huge impact. Proper packaging protects the parcel throughout the journey. Great packaging could be the integral factor for the customer to pick a specific package delivery service.

  1. Keep your client engaged

Customer engagement is one of the essential purposes for making the brand image. Keep clients informed about the parcel delivery all throughout the journey. Inform customer about the estimated delivery time with real-time tracking is an indirect customer retention strategy. You can use live chat solution to chat with customers in real-time and update the customers by sending updates through SMS.

  1. Give Insurance

An accident or unexpected outcome can result in product damage. Ensuring the customer parcels will give the security to the customer when delivering packages of the high cost.

  1. Streamline packaging

The packages come in a variety of shape and size. Make the boxes of fewer sizes will simplify the delivery operations. Package the parcel in a way that the delivery truck/ vehicle can carry the maximum number of the parcel. This allows package delivery business to deliver the number of parcels in less time.

  1. Managing delivery cost

In package delivery business, each package needs to be delivered at customer doorstep. Fuel cost and transportation cost can be cut down by using appropriate technology. Use of delivery management platforms can help package delivery business to deliver the maximum number of the parcel by traveling the minimal distance.

  1. Pricing

Keep the package delivery price as per the industry standards. High pricing as compared to competitors can shift your customer base to the competitor package delivery provider. Similarly, lowering the price compared to the competitor will attract new customers.

These are strategies for ensuring success for package delivery business. You could be the market leader in package delivery business if you learn from your mistakes and your competitors’ mistake. Just use the right tools and technology for your business. So when you start a package delivery business, just use these strategies and get ready to disrupt the industry.

Apart from these, Tookan’s delivery management platform provides applications to broadcast message to delivery agents, advanced analytics reports to visualize the business performance and many more. Most of the package delivery service providers focus to eliminate the competition. They use different strategies such as offers and promotion to attract customers. In fact, the package delivery services strategies must be to retain customers as up to 80% of business comes from retained customers, not from existing customers. Providing the best services and a great experience is the only key for customer retention. So, have an edge in technology to deliver services in the promised time using Delivery Management Platforms

Get in Touch with Tookan, Delivery Management Platform to enhance your package delivery business efficiency.

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