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Astrology Consultation App Development – An End-to-End Guide

By Zeba Yasmeen 13th December 2021

Faith in spirituality, religion, and astrology is deeply rooted in any culture around the world and will never lose its allure in the near future. Believe it or not, a greater part of the population is inclined towards astrology one way or the other even if it is for entertainment.

astrology consultation

Whenever people are distressed, they cope with their difficulties in different ways and one such way is astrology. Even critics and science pundits who deny it out loud might probably start their day by glancing through their daily horoscope in a newspaper column as a means to pass their time.

Due to the pandemic and the government’s rigorous restrictions during the lockdown, the general population had to postpone important events such as weddings. In a country like India, the dates are usually decided after consulting with the family astrologers, who study the Kundli or the horoscope. Even the dates of finalizing a business deal or the starting date of a long voyage are determined by astrologers for some people. That’s the popularity of astrology in India. Not just astrologers and tarot card readers are in high demand, even numerologists have cemented a place in the astrology industry. 

There is no doubt that astrology has found a place in our lives, but the pandemic-related restrictions have made it impossible for people to access astrology services offline. This puts the spotlight on on-demand astrology consultation platforms. Online astrology platforms offer services from top astrologers to people located anywhere in the world. 

Why is there a need for online astrology consultation software?

Hyper personalized astrology services

Astrology is always a personalized service. A one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t work. For example, newspaper columns offer astrology information that is specific to a group of people such as working and middle-class readers. However, this is still not super-personalized.

On the other hand, an online astrology consultation platform raises the game by offering tailored predictions to an individual. Online astrology services offer hyper-personalized content every day through algorithmically generated insights customized to a degree you can’t even imagine.

Time-efficient astrology services 

Online astrology consultation is quite simple and time-saving. You just simply need to set up a call in these platforms, and you can consult your favorite astrologer online either through phone or video conference. You save a lot of time waiting for an appointment outside the astrologer’s location. 

The best part is you can save yourself from getting infected during this pandemic by not visiting the scholar in person. Time-saving is the greatest advantage of using online astrologer consultation services. it is as easy as booking a pizza delivery!

Convenient and cost-effective 

Top astrologers in the country are usually not easily accessible. It’s impossible to visit an astrologer who is located miles away just for a consultation. Also, you never know who is going to provide you the best service, as you have limited options. And you have to rely on word-of-mouth publicity. In your locality, you might be left with a limited number of astrologers who might not be greatly capable. However, in the astrology consultation platforms, you can pick the best astrologer after analyzing the profile and user reviews.

Most people don’t have the foggiest idea about the charges of an astrologer’s consultancy. You might not even know whether they fit your budget. Luckily, in online astrology software, you not only know how much they charge, but you can also filter them according to your budget.

Privacy concerns 

Not all the people who consult an astrologer ask for privacy, but there are a few people who are more cautious. Unfortunately, ensuring privacy and anonymity in an offline consultancy is difficult. But in an online astrology consultancy, the portals are designed not to disclose your identity and offer 100% privacy.

astrology consultation

Key features of an astrology consultation app

Many entrepreneurs assume that their online astrology app should have stunning visuals to succeed in the market. Though aesthetics are important, offering an excellent user experience is more critical. When building an application, it is essential to include some of the key features that make it viable and drive business growth. The following features are pivotal for that-

Easy signup and listing

The user should be able to create an account or sign up in your online astrologer app through an email ID, phone number, or a social media login. This feature should be made available to both users and astrologers who want to use the app. Also the listing process of astrologers should be made easy and should include most of the services that the astrologer offers, there are hourly rates and their areas of expertise.

Live session

The application should allow real-time conversations. In order to enable online astrology consultancy services, your app should have basic features like live chat, audio, or video calling. You can also provide group calls or chat features in case of bigger events like marriage to make all the stakeholders involved experience the service.

User-generated reviews and ratings

Reviews and ratings are the top metrics based on which customers pick their astrologers. Customers should be provided with a filter system through which they can search a well-rated astrologer. By allowing customers to review and rate their overall experience with the astrologers, you are helping other customers to make an informed decision while choosing their astrologer.

Media upload/download

A typical online astrologer app should allow the uploading of horoscope details for Kundli for the astrologers to make predictions. Similarly, if the astrologer makes the horoscope for Kundli in their online astrology software, the user should be able to download the report from the app. It will be even better if the media format of the report could be downloaded in a printable form. 

Book Appointments

A good online astrology app should make it simple for customers to set appointments with astrologers of their choice. Scheduling appointments should be made easy with a click of a button. An intelligent dashboard should allow customers to check their appointments at a glance so that they don’t miss any. Also, the push notifications feature discussed below will ensure your customers never miss an update about their appointments. 

The Future of astrology consultation in the digital age

Many experts have started to claim astrology as a science, and it is based on mathematical calculations. We are already witnessing artificial intelligence finding its way into astrology by sending computerized automated horoscope reports to the user based on their details.

The future might have more room for machine learning and deep learning to solve astrological problems with their higher levels of Intelligence and through a better understanding of human beings. This will help in generating a human response based on intuitions. These intuition-based responses are not based on age-old rules but come after analyzing tons of data and charts.

astrology consultation

By combining the enormous power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning, astrology will only get better in the future. It might have a few downturns too but at the present,  we can let AI-powered apps use data to help astrologers make sound predictions.

Along with these disruptive technologies, platforms like Panther will have a significant role to play in shaping the future of astrology. The prospect of building a complete application that looks as good as it works from scratch may have been an unrealistic dream for many in the past. Not everyone is talented enough to program an application, debug and launch it to the public all by themselves. This is where Panther comes to your rescue. 

How Panther can help?

Panther is a one-stop solution that lets you build your online astrology app without any help. It fulfills your dream of making astrology accessible to everyone through an on-demand online consultation application with advanced features. The best part is, you do not need any knowledge of coding to build your own application.

It is a stand-out app builder that focuses mainly on offering the best features in contrast with other apps in the market. The priority is also to deliver the best user experience that is a delight to use. Right from thousands of design themes to color schemes and cool fonts applications built on Panther always look professionally done. They are well-balanced and highly functional, triggering customers to come and look for astrological solutions to their problems.

Panther allows you to build versatile applications for multiple platforms quickly and without any hassle. You can get your online astrology consultation app up and ready in a day. Book a demo with us and know how Panther can help you create your own astrology consultation app.

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