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Astrology App Development: Trends, Benefits & Challenges

By Zeba Yasmeen 2nd February 2022

Horoscope is something which almost every one of us looks on a daily basis. Most of the people are crazy about checking their horoscope, panchang, zodiac sign, kundli, compatibility etc. Then being an astrologer, why not assist your customers who reach you out regularly and bring in new customers as well? Astrology and prediction still have a big market today even in this modern society but not everyone likes to go to their astrologer and ask about everything. This kind of problem can only be resolved by getting your own astrology app

Astrology App Development

Market trends of an online astrologer consultation business

Astrology consultation has seen a massive growth as a business in the past few decades. Let us look at the current market trend and understand how you can grow your astrology business by going online.

Trends in India

According to media reports, the Indian spiritual and religious market is booming and has been estimated to be over $40 billion. Out of this, the astrology market in India alone is valued at $10 billion, with around 2 million astrologers practicing currently. The popularity of astrology is very skewed in the world, with the belief rates of 90%+ in Asia Pacific countries 70 – 90% in Western Europe and 30 – 40% in the US. In India, astrology is one of the major quarters of media content that sells.

Global Trends

The US online astrology market is estimated to be $200 million, and the telecom astrology consultation market in the US and UK is pegged at $1 billion. The growth of the internet and technology has significantly expanded the foothold for astrology.

Sensor Tower Store Intelligence has revealed that smartphones users in the US have spent around $39.7 million in the top 10 astrology apps in 2019, a 64.7% increase from the previous year. Having an on-spot astrology compatibility profile in such a growing market enhances the credibility of your astrology business. 

Many technology-based astrology business portals have created their own niche by developing innovative algorithms and astrology software, which offer personalized predictions in various vernacular languages, thus giving potential customers conveniently and hassle-free services.

Online Platforms 

Online platforms have found a spot for themselves in pretty much every sector and astrology isn’t an exception. Astrology is a fragmented market with a plethora of services to offer. This fragmented market should be amalgamated and properly organized to tap its true potential.

As per sources, more than 100,000 new astrologers enter the market every year. Astrology is a vast sector offering various services such as:

  • Reading horoscopes
  • Predicting stars and planets
  • Numerology, palmistry
  • Tarot card reading
  • Selling semi-precious stones
  • Vastu shastra

Getting them all under one platform is a huge opportunity for astrologers. An online astrology software that provides all kinds of astrological services is a game-changer in the present day.

Astrology Tools

Trained astrologers and specialists have started embracing technology to a great extent. Along with online astrology consultation platforms, they also provide solutions to their customers either by email or through live video conferences. This offers a great convenience for customers as they can get solutions from their homes. 

With the advent of technology, astrologers have started using advanced software which reduces the prediction time and errors and provides customized solutions to meet customer needs. Such tools have opened a plethora of opportunities for independent astrology practitioners who are interested in astrology app development and go online with their business.

Benefits of astrology app development

Astrology App Development

It is essential to have an astrology app now-a-days as it can help to enhance the reach of your target audience. Let’s look at a few major benefits of an astrology app.

  •    Make your customers aware of the services you have to offer
  •    You can widen your audience reach
  •    You can reach out to your target audience
  •    More leads are generated this way
  •    It is a great way to showcase your credibility and capabilities.

Therefore, it is essential to have a mobile app or an astrology software for astrologers now-a-days as it can help to enhance the reach of your target audience. Panther can create an effective and engaging platform for you that will help you efficiently manage your clients and provide them predictions and other services.

Major challenges for astrology app development

Here are some of the common challenges you may experience when you are building an online astrology consultation app from scratch. 

Lack of skilled personnel

To build any application you need specific resources. You may need an app development team good at multiple domains. But designing an astrology consultancy service mobile application requires highly specialized skills. The target audience of the online astrology market is very diverse and someone building an app for such a dynamic crowd should have extensive experience in handling every aspect of astrology. The online astrologer app should be very versatile and should perform well on any device. Also, the application should have a user-friendly interface with a responsive design. Tackling all this without skilled personnel in your team is a huge challenge.

To counter this, you require a devoted team with skilled UI/UX designers and experienced programmers. A dedicated team will be able to build a highly functioning and the best astrology app with an easy-to-use interface. This enables people with varied digital literacy to use your application without any difficulties. An expert team can also optimize your consultation app to run even on less powerful devices. Thus, for astrology app development, always hire skilled developers to compensate for the lack of technical expertise you might have in developing a full-fledged application. 

Managing unrealistic deadlines

Everybody knows that it is so hard to manage challenging deadlines. Miscalculated deadlines may bring out poor product quality. This results in overspending on the project for the time that had been wasted. To tackle this challenge and make time work in your support, you need a devoted project manager.

A project manager will supervise the entire team, setting the right deadlines and oversee the app development. They guarantee that the astrology app is getting built on proper technical specifications and has sound control over the budget. A project manager will also optimize the whole app development process by separating each task into smaller assignments so that the developers complete the project on time. 

Limited Budget

Many online astrology consultation applications offer poor service quality due to budgetary restrictions. Keep in mind, not all astrology consultation applications come with advanced features and unlimited budgets. If you don’t have enough budget to cover your expenses, you have to complete your project with what you have. 

Before starting an online astrology consultation business, prepare a sensible estimate of all the costs, or else you have to spend from your profit margin to deliver the application o time to meet user expectations. You can consider hiring a business analyst to keep track of the timeline and not overshoot the costs.


Astrology today is enjoying a huge cultural acceptance that wasn’t seen before. The shift begin with the advent of Smartphones accelerated by advancements on the internet. Today astrology has also reached a broad audience through social media. Major life decisions such as the time of meeting your soulmate marriages and other occasions are usually made by people after consulting an astrologer. Such is the acceptance of astrology in India.

Astrology App Development

With the pandemic situation and subsequent lockdowns, people are confined to their homes and visiting astrologers has become impossible. Building an on-demand astrologer consultation platform can help solve this problem. What makes this business model an attractive choice for present day entrepreneurs is you can offer a real value to your users at the comfort of their homes. Without lockdowns and social distancing protocols to hinder your growth, an online astrology consultation business can survive during any pandemic or whatsoever that may come in the future. Panther allows you to build versatile applications for multiple platforms quickly and without any hassle. You can get your own astrology app developed in a day.

Reach out to us for a demo on how Panther can help you create your own astrology consultation app in no time.

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