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Addicted To Automation In Last Mile Delivery? So Are We, Reasons We Can’t Stop

By Nammitta Dutta 10th April 2019

In the evolving business world, modern technology and the last-mile delivery infrastructure has made sending a package anywhere in the world easier than ever imagined. The most evident part of logistics – the last mile – is as important as ever, and yet it continues to be complicated every day. Today, the last-mile delivery industry is reducing distribution costs and errors with robust and flexible last mile delivery software.

Recently, we wrote about how last-mile deliveries are reshaping the customer experience across various industries. Making last-mile delivery services that are as convenient, flexible, and fast, as your consumers are expecting, is quite challenging. Especially when shoppers are demanding an unmatched level of control over how, when and where they purchase and receive goods.

It is important to automate last-mile deliveries if businesses want to match the current expectations for customer experience while maintaining profitability. Modern technologies are making it possible to automate the entire last-mile delivery operations efficiently, from the moment the order is placed to the moment it reaches the customer. Industry leaders and innovators are designing the future of last-mile delivery software by incorporating these advances.

How Will Automation Benefit Businesses?

  • Warehouse Automation

Automating the warehouse and customer fulfilment centers are one of the easiest ways for cost-cutting and increasing the speed of order handling. This can be achieved by relying on the right automated customer fulfilment centers where everything is operated using an automated order fulfilment platform. Seeking help from automated tools to plan warehouse logistics and optimize product location within the fulfilment center can reduce time by half.

  • Automated Delivery Tracking

Today, the access of delivery locations has reached new heights with the advancements in last-mile delivery software technologies. Nowadays, businesses can enable their customers to track the delivery progress from anywhere at any time. Real-time tracking has become an inherent part of the last-mile delivery business. Plus, it contributes to the company by improving the user experience.

  • Automated Dispatch & Route-Optimization

Artificial Intelligence is the buzz word these days. The hype around deliveries through autonomous vehicles is at an all-time high. While the future of deliveries lies in driverless cars, drones, and robots to speed up deliveries and reduce delivery costs for companies. Business owners are looking at AI to improve the delivery operations efficiently.

Automate Dispatch & Route Optimization

Automating dispatch and dynamic routing apps for the optimized routes for delivery drivers or a reliable last-mile delivery software that enables delivery drivers to make multiple deliveries with the optimized routes at any given time can massively cut down the delivery cost and improve customer experience.

  • Automate Real-Time Delivery Data

The success of any business depends on its ability to make accurate decisions at the right time. These decisions vastly depend on the ease of access to real-time data. Advance last-mile delivery softwares enables you to have access to all the accurate real-time data with automated reports. As an outcome, it saves hours and enables businesses to identify bottlenecks to make decisions that align with past, present and future trends.

More and more industry leaders have started incorporating last-mile delivery software technologies for data analysis. Players in the industry say that authorities require only a single push, to have visual data at their disposal.

Ensure Exceptional Customer Experience

24 X 7 customer support is not a false promise in the last-mile delivery industry anymore. The best way to increase profits from last-mile delivery business is to ensure the phenomenal customer experience by all means. Companies give their best shot to deliver quality user experience with advancement in last-mile delivery software.

Ensure Exceptional Customer Experience

Using automation in last-mile software to streamline delivery operations presents new ways of engaging with your end consumers and providing the exceptional delivery experience, whether in delivery speed, proper insurance, continuous tracking, automated accounting, and other specifications.

Wrapping Up

Automation with last-mile delivery software reduces the need for other resources. Managing multiple deliveries gets better and grows with time. Improved control of advancement in technologies and professional expertise decides next decade for your business. Then, you need to upgrade those technologies again. However, it all comes down to correct employment.

You need the finest last-mile delivery software company work side by side with reliable automation technologies and that’s where Jungleworks steps into the story. JungleWorks is the parent company behind the suite of products that powers the need for on-demand set-up. … The company’s suite of products is designed to make operation smoother for entrepreneurs and enterprises looking to provide an omnichannel experience to their customers. They have a dedicated team of innovators working day and night to contribute to the innovations being done in the world of last-mile delivery industry.

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